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Fast Fred Travels
International Travel Tips for Latin American Countries of Interest

I am Fast Fred Ruddock a wandering guide enjoying endless summers.
I want to help you have more authentic travel experiences.

Travel Tips - Photo of Fast Fred in CDMX

Latin America Travel Tips and Hacks

Learn how to travel on a frugal budget and still have an excellent experience. You can have more fun on your own than doing all inclusive tours that will rush you through the places and sights you travel to see. Best of all the true experience costs much less too! Learn from a pro; Fast Fred is a professional guide that works North America during summers and explores Latin America the rest of the year.

Travel Mexico - Photo of Aqueduct section in Mexico City

Travel Mexico and See the Sights

Fast Fred the wandering guide is currently exploring Mexico. The current plan is to work south from Mexico City seeing as much as possible on the way to Guatemala. Join the adventure and learn along the way. Thus far Mexico City has exceeded expectations but is expensive compared to South America

Travel Ecuador - Photo of Fast Fred above Banos de Agua Santa hiking

Travel Ecuador and See the Sights

There is so much to do in Ecuador that Fast Fred spends at least three months a year there exploring and catching up with friends. Get and insiders guide to Ecuador. Ecuador feels like a developed nations with prices you would expect in a developing nations. Healthcare is very good compared to the United States and much more affordable to locals and travelers

Travel Peru - Photo of Fast Fred at Machu Picchu

Travel Peru and See the Sights

Since Peru is so popular among westerners, I have included a trip plan/map with documented costs from my most recent Peru trip. I previously explored Northern Peru and that was also very affordable and much more off the well beaten tourist path. Southern Peru is where most Tourists visit to see Machu Picchu and Nazca Lines but don;t skip the other interesting places. Take a deep dive into the details and plan your own trip.

Travel Ecuador - Photo of Fast Fred above Banos de Agua Santa hiking

Fast Fred's Room Reviews

Most of my reviews take on the frugal side of lodging. Occasionally I fine really nice places on a frugal budget. Rarely I have to pay more than I would really like in places like CDMX. Follow along and leave comments or even suggestions of where to stay.

Fast Fred standing in front of ruins in Iximche Guatemala

How To Travel In Guatemala

How to travel from Guatemala City to Lake Atitlan and more. Also learn how to travel to and from the airport. Take a side trip to the ruins at Iximche.