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Fast Fred Travel Room Reviews
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Room Review of Travel House in Ica Peru Near the Desert Oasis of Huacachina

This was one of the nicest places I stayed at in Peru while following the road to Machu Picchu. There and many things to see and do in Southern Peru. The desert oasis in Huacachina is one of those must do experiences.

Travel House is a nice place to stay in Ica Peru. It is quiet at night and just two blocks from the mercado and Plaza del Sol aka the mall. The desert oasis of Huacachina is only a short ride away by taxis for $2.50 or moto taxi for $2. I preferred staying in Ica over Huacachina. Better food options and lower prices without constant high pressure sales for tours and such. I was able to live more like a local.

Room Review of Buganvilia Hostel & Backpacker in Paracas Peru

Paracas Peru is a wonderful place to experience the poor man's poor man's Galapagos islands and enjoy some wildlife. You will also enjoy the fresh local seafood and reasonably prices drinks.

Buganvilia Hostel & Backpacker is a great frugal place to stay. Free breakfast included with room. Another perk is the short walk to the beach and free wifi. Plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from at the beach and piers. Private room and bathroom were only $15/night. The excursion to Ballestas Island and the Paracas chandelier eas only $12.75 but remember to tip your guide! I have enjoyed some great seafood and coffee here. You can eat well on the cheap in Paracas.

Room Review at Hostal Ciudad de Mexico

This room cost me $92.02 USD for a week. A great frugal find within walking distance to many landmarks and museums. I found the neighborhood to be safe. As mentioned in the video there is no hot water; this isn't rare in my experience at frugal locations in Latin America. I found the the place quite comfortable but yes spartan. On the other hand I have been living at home without hot water as well in the Blue Ridge Mountains. However I do enjoy hot water at my rafting outpost during the summer. Propane is ver expensive and it would cost north of $900 to fill my tank at home.

Another con of this location was slow internet even by hillbilly standards but yes there is wifi included. I will be staying in a nicer location next as I have some remote work to do for my boss. I need a more work friendly location and a table or desk in my room to work at as well as faster internet. I really hope this video has been helpful and you find it useful. I would recommend this place to frugal travelers. Maybe not for the meek of heart or the entitled but river guides and experienced solo travels could dig it.

Room Review of Hospedaje la Posada de Olger at Aguas Calientes near Machu Picchu

This hospedaje is conveniently located at the foot of Machu Picchu. However not all rooms are created equal. This room lacked ventilation unless you left your room door wide open. The window has been bricked closed. Black mold grows and surfaces including the ceiling. Lesson here is inspect your room before accepting it. This two days stay resulted in an allergy related illness for over a week. Some other rooms did have ventilation and might be okay. However I won't be going back to this business.

Room Review of Puno PerĂº Inka Rest Great for Visiting the Floating Islands etc

This was a pleasant visit to Puno. My room was great and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I took some local tours of floating islands and more while in Puno. Restaurants were nice and affordable. Plaza de Armas was just a short walk from room. I recommend this room to anyone visiting Lake Titicaca the highest navigable lake in the world.

Room Review of Hostal Boulevard in Nazca Peru. See the Nazca Lines and More!

Many will tell you one day is enough in Nazca but I think two days would be even better to see all there is in Nazca. There is much more to see than the Nazca Lines. Hostal Boulevard has small rooms room but they are comfortable with adequate wifi. The balcony and rooftop views were awesome! Best of all with a frugal price of $13.13/night it is hard to beat Internet was not fast. The TV had a poor signal but I only watched a couple of Mexican movies while waiting for my bus to Arequipa. The bus to Arequipa only runs at night. I would stay here again and recommend for friends.