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If you love the funny commentary in my videos you will really love my river trips. How to go rafting with Fast Fred! My passion in life is sharing joy and my love for the great outdoors and rafting. I love hearing folks giggle and laugh as we take on the fun class III and IV rapids of the Ocoee River in Tennessee. I love my fans and take great care in providing you a safe, fun, and memorable rafting experience.

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When I am not guiding on the Ocoee River I spending winters exploring Ecuador and Peru. I am scouting eco-friendly adventures for my friends and fans. Along the way I am sharing tips on how to do this on a budget. As a river guide I generally earn an income near the poverty level. Although I may not have much money I still live a rich life within my means. I could not live this dream without the support of my loyal fans and rafting guests. Those generous tips and donations make all the difference! I am sincerely grateful. The above playlist is often updated during the winter so be sure to subscribe and follow. Likes and comments on these videos are greatly appreciated. ~Thank you!

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My goal is to spend winters exploring Ecuador and the Andes of South America. I am scouting eco-friendly adventures for my friends and fans. However I cannot live this dream without the support of my loyal fans. I don't have much money but I live a rich life. Those tips you leave me make all the difference and I am sincerely grateful. I plan to offer guided trips in South America soon; contact me for more information. You can read about some of my endless summer adventures on OAC's River Guide Blogs. Check out the photos and videos too! I will be writing and filming more adventures in the southern hemisphere so stay tuned.

This website has many old archived pages as it has been live for over twenty years. I have ridden many miles in my life and worn out at least 13 motorcycles during my life. Bikers may enjoy the many motorcycle related articles and product reviews as well as the helmet law map. Others may prefer my whitewater videos of epic surfs and carnage or maybe my guidebooks. Still others might enjoy the dirtbag tips for living on the cheap. Your feedback is always welcomed as are donations to keep this information and website available while I wander the Americas and share love.

Some of the more popular sections of the Ezine:

Ocoee River Guidebook for Raft Guide Trainees and Others.

My online Video Ocoee River Guidebook shows basic raft lines through all of the Middle Ocoee rapids and the Class IV rapids of the Upper Ocoee. Each rapid is shown with different crews and times of day.

Videos and tips are broken down by rapid. The videos of the five trips featured were all shot during a five trip day with Whitewater Express. Check out sooner and buy less swim beer. These lines also work well in kayaks.

Epic Whitewater Surfs and Carnage Videos: Featuring Class V+ to III Surfs and Beatdowns featuring footage of the Green River Narrows, Ocoee River, and Nantahala River

Class III and IV fun! Request a senior guide for best results

This play list features guide hijinks, rookies, trainees, and crazy private boaters taking on the big holes and hydraulics. Raft flips, dump-trucks, and pins are common fodder. Additional footage features creek boaters taking on class V+ Go Left and Die rapid in the Green River Narrows. New episodes are posted often so stay tuned and subscribe to my youtube channel. Raft guides wishing to avoid becoming the subject of these videos may wish to study the guidebook provided above on this page.

USA State Motorcycle Helmet Laws Map

Motorcycle Helmet Laws Map of the USA

Avoid Helmet Tickets or Obtain Legal Standing to Challenge! The choice is yours.

Helmet law map features links to actual laws and additional information. You will find links to local ABATE chapters and SMROs.

Motorcycle Fun on a Twisty Road Somewhere in WNC

Sharp turns and steep grades can be fun!

Ascending the 17 switchbacks located near the world famous Green River Narrows on my 2003 FLHT while towing a creek boat on a trailer.


I can often be found playing or working in whitewater.

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