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For rafting with Fast Fred beyond laughing all the way down the river

Raft w/ A Fun & Experienced Boater & Guide

Here are some pro tips for helping book your rafting adventure with River Guide Fast Fred Ruddock during the 2024 Ocoee River rafting season. I am a full river guide at Ocoee Adventure Center meaning I work both the class Middle Ocoee and the Class 4 Upper Ocoee river sections. I generally work Memorial Day Weekend in May through Labor Day Weekend in September. Due to my level of experience my outpost prefers I work the Full River trips featuring actual class IV on weekends featuring the class 4 Upper Ocoee and the class 3 Middle Ocoee. If you would like to just run the class III Middle Ocoee section with me please consider requesting me for a weekday such as Monday, Thursday, or Friday. As an added plus there is more time on weekdays to play on the Middle Ocoee. Contact me at fastfredruddock@gmail.com or 828-423-0374 to ask questions or verify my availability for the date and river section you have in mind to raft for best results.

YouTube: youtube.com/@fastfredruddock
Facebook: facebook.com/fastfred.river.rat

Book your trip by calling 1-888-723-8622 between 9:00 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time. Be sure to request Fast Fred Ruddock at time of booking! You may book online with Ocoee Adventure Center but be certain to request Fast Fred Ruddock in the Special Requests field.

Whitewater Rafting & Ocoee River Questions

Questions you will want to ask and the answers you need to know before booking that summer rafting trip. These questions are frequently asked by those planning a rafting trip with family or friends. This is a great resource for planning and preparing for your rafting trip.

These questions range from useful and serious to extremely silly. But not dumb questions gets unanswered here. Topics range from all stages of planning to the execution of the trip. How you book your rafting trip is an important part of the process of making the most of the experience. Get tips for what to ask before handing over your money. Also learn about the parts of the raft and about your three pieces of river gear. Paddle commands and other useful information is also included. You may also detect some guide humor.

Carefully planning you rafting trip in advance will greatly improve your whitewater rafting experience. Having the right guide can make or break your rafting adventure. I am well aware of this and I want to help you make informed decisions and have reasonable expectations about your rafting trip. I have been adding more to the Question and Answer section over the last couple of years. If you have any questions about rafting the Ocoee River or even just the surrounding area and things to do in East Tennessee and North Georgia submit them to fastfredruddock@gmail.com

Experience Local River Knowledge See Guidebook

I like to give back to my communities. During 2016 began work on this Ocoee River Guidebook. It first began covering just the Middle Ocoee with the intent of helping future Middle Ocoee guides pass training a little faster. It was basically created as a study aid. The cope of the guidebook has expanded over time now covering both the Upper and Middle sections. The guidebook provides routes through rapids as well as videos demonstrating routes. Now this guidebook even explores hydrology and some of the hazards of the Ocoee River. Video presentation of the features of interest are conducted at low water and at times with camera underwater. A team is only as strong as the weakest link. Whitewater teams need to help strengthen their weakest links for the enjoyment and safety of all.

What Guests Say About Rafting with Fast Fred

Keep in mind while reading reviews on the internet that often guests for get where they raft but remember their guide. As a result of this I have reviews at several outfitters where I don't work. Because there are two dozen Ocoee River rafting companies folks can get confused by all the names and many are similar.

That said having the right guide with the right skill set can make or break your rafting experience. These customer reviews should shine some light on my methods and ways. Additionally you will find recent rafting trip videos on my YouTube channels. Make an informed decision.