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Pack Smarter and Lighter

How to pack carry on or even personal item sized with a 10.5 liter Watershed Ocoee Drybag. Some people ask why. First it makes clearing customs and getting out of the airport much faster without checked luggage. The reason to pack light is to save money and make travel easier especially when carrying all your stuff through airports, bus stations, train stations, and walking to hostels. Many airlines now only allow one carry-on sized backpack or suitcase and one personal item. The personal item must fit under the seat in front of you. So with this tip you have an entire carry-on dedicated to your gear

My packing list consists of the following: 3 underwear briefs, 1 pair poly socks, 2 pair wool socks, 3 washable face coverings, 1 towel quick dry, 1 long sleeve shirt quick dry, 2 short sleeve shirts quick dry, 1 pair of guide pants quick dry, 1 pair of shorts quick dry, 1 pair of convertible pants quick dry, 1 fleece top, 1 poly thermal base layer, and 1 pair poly bottoms base layer. Additionally my toiletries, first aid kit, and medications fit in the drybag.

Even in the nastiest of places my cloths and other content stay clean and dry in the drybag.

Dia de Policia National

I've been in Cusco Peru for over a week so far and recently caught this parade. National Police Day was a pretty big deal in Cusco. The action and entertainment value was high as well. Pyrotechnics got a little out of hand at one point but there were no injuries. You can see they have some serious hardware as they needed it while fighting the Shining Path. The police dogs were of many different shapes and sizes. They sheltered under the same porch I ate breakfast while waiting for the parade to begin. I have been visiting a lot of museums but most do not allow the taking f photos or video. Stay tune I will soon be visiting Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.

My rafting friend will enjoy at least one clip that is rafting related. There is also a fair amount of other adventure ports represented and well as rescue

Sacsayhuaman Observatory, Ceremonial, Fortress

Sacsayhuamán is spelled many ways but is an important Inca site overlooking Cusco Peru. The Inca used it for important ceremonies and as an astronomical calendar to predict the season. They were largely agrarian and thus the need for an accurate calendar. The remaining stones are extremely large and precisely fitted. This is how they have survived so many earthquakes. This video explores Sacsayhuamán with a professional guide. I hope you enjoy the adventure and pictures and you come along for some of the highlights. As always questions are welcomed and encouraged.

It is extremely wind at 3700 meters on top of a mountain in the Andes. I worked on the audio and added subscripts. What do you think?

The Nasca Line and Aquaducts in Peru

See the Nazca Lines and save some money to with travel tips. This video features the Nazca Lines and geoglyphs. Also featured are the Cantalloc aqueducts that made life possible in the desert. The Cahuachi pyramids are adobe structures on mounds used for ceremonial purposes. Many of the geoglyphs feature animals from wetter climates like Amazonia.

The Nazca must have faced struggles living in the desert. Their technology to over come enviromental conditions is exceptional and worth a visit in person