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How To Get Cheap Cellular Phone Coverage In Peru or Other Countries

This method works in other Latin American countries too. I used the same method in Mexico where you can visit any OXXO store or phone shop etc. In Mexico I am using TelCel and the SIM will also work in the United States and Canada if you are looking for a more affordable option. My total cellular costs for 90 days in Peru came to s/ 90 ($22.50). I enjoyed fast internet and no data issues...

How to Add Data to a Local Phone Plan in Mexico

Rather than us my Verizon SIM in Mexico for $5 to $10 day with very limited data, I use a local provider. Telcel cost me only $10 usd or $200 MX pesos per month. in fact the super cheap SIM card provided enough data for two weeks before purchasing another 30 days worth for price stated above. This is super easy in addition to super cheap. See my previous video for how to get the SIM card. BTW social media use does not count against your data when using Telcel.

Consider Location Before Buying Items. Shopping Tip!

ending warm thoughts to my friends and family back home. I finally found a warm hat I like for the right price. Location always plays a role in the cost of items. If you buy something near a location popular with tourists you will pay a premium price.

Cost of Living in BaƱos de Agua Santa Tungurahua Ecuador

What does it cost to eat in Ecuador. Just a quick video update after arriving in Ecuador where I intend to spend three more months before returning to the Blue Ridge Mountains and work on the Ocoee River. This video features and overview of grocery costs in Ecuador.

Exploring Ecuador During the Ongoing Pandemic from December 2020 w/ Travel Tips

Traveling during a global pandemic can present challenges and opportunities. This video strives to provide travel tips for the new reality as 2020 is winding down. This endless summer is unlike those of recent years with the new covid-19 measures and rules. However life in Ecuador feels more normal than the USA. Entry to Ecuador currently requires a negative PCR test and a form detailing your travel plans for the next 21 days.

How to Get Needed Medications at the Farmacia in Latin America

Tips for getting what you need at the local Farmacia in Latin America. A little Spanish will go a long way. But I will help you with some cheat notes and tips to help you get what you need. Prices are a small fraction of what you would pay in the USA even if you have insurance there. In this example I am visiting a farmacia in Ecuador.