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Templo Mayor

Hostal Ciudad de Mexico

This room cost me $92.02 USD for a week. A great frugal find within walking distance to many landmarks and museums. I found the neighborhood to be safe. As mentioned in the video there is no hot water; this isn't rare in my experience at frugal locations in Latin America. I found the the place quite comfortable but yes spartan. On the other hand I have been living at home without hot water as well in the Blue Ridge Mountains. However I do enjoy hot water at my rafting outpost during the summer. Propane is very expensive and it would cost north of $900 to fill my tank at home ...learn more

Suites Londres 212

This room was expensive by my standards. The cost of the room plus a total tax of 20% added up to just shy of $400 for a full week. This was the best deal I could find with the location near Bosque de Chapultepec. There are many things to do and see at Bosque de Chapultepec which I cover in another recent video ...learn more


Hotel Quetzalcalli

This hotel at first glance is very nice and has ample green space. It cost me $1660 MX for three nights. Room smelled very good and seems to have all the needed creature comforts. Staff seems friendly and I am looking forward to the included breakfast. I took the easy walk to Puerta 1 of Teotihuacan and saw the pyramids from a distance. Tomorrow will be the big day to visit the museum and climb the temple of the sun ...learn more


Gente de Más Bnb

I liked this hostal and my private room with bath. There was even hot water! This hostal was pretty quite and it was super easy to get a good night's rest. The kitchen was functional and the murals were nice. I enjoyed the roof although care is needed as there are no handrails. The location was great. I could walk anywhere in town to see museums or other sights such as the forts that made the Cinco de Mayo victory possible ...learn more


Hotel El Faro Malecon

This room is both comfortable and frugal for Mexico. Unlike anywhere else I have stayed at in the past several years this location even have air-conditioning. That said my cost is still under the equivalent of $18 usd per day. The open WIFI should give you some pause on the other hand unless you take precautionary steps to protect your privacy and devices. I am using my own repeater/router with a firewall as well as VPN on all devices ...learn more

San Cristobal de las Casas

Berlin61 Hostal

San Cristóbal de las Casas Chiapas is located at about the perfect elevation in the tropics. The weather is great with perfect temperatures and humidity for comfort. This Hostal is very nice with reliable hot water and a comfortable bed. The wifi is pretty good and secure unlike my last stay in Veracruz. The garden area and shared kitchen really make this place a nice and frugal stay. This is likely to be my last room review in Mexico this trip as I plan to cross the border into Guatemala to spend sometime and visit some friends ...learn more