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Panajachel Guatemala Street Art

Room Review of Hotel Amigo in Panajachel Guatemala

Review of my first room in Panajachel, Guatemala on the shores of Lake Antitlan. I booked three nights here to have time to walk the town and find an apartment in person. This method assures a better room and better price than AirBNB or other online booking apps. I arrived later a night after a 14 hour shuttle from San Cristobla, Mexico but that will be covered in an upcoming video ...learn more

Street Art Feathered Serpent

Room Review of San Pablo Apartamento in Panajachel Guatemala

My apartment review at Panajachel Guatemala on Lake Atitlan. This place was nice but not quite perfect. However at a cost of roughly $6.40 per day it is quite nice. The family members are all very friendly and helpful. Over time I was able to dial in the water temperature better. The water was never hot but it was warm. There was a great palce to wash your clothes and hang them to dry. Other than chickens and dogs it was rather quiet. I strongly recommend a visit ...learn more