How to Book Your Best Room or Apartment in Latin America. 10 Steps to Get Your Best Room!
Fast Fred sharing lodging tips and hacks at Lake Atitlan Guatemala

10 Steps to Book Your Best Room or Apartment

Fast Fred's Lodging Tips & Hacks

Ten Steps to Booking Your Best Room

How to book your best room or apartment in Latin America. These items are tried and true in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Peru. Examine this 11 point check list with tips how to verify each item. Common pitfalls are mentioned and examples are give to help you avoid them. The importance of internet security is covered. Verify your ventilation and plumbing have no issues before handing over your money. Filmed in Panajachel Guatemala on the shore of Lake Atitlan. Getting a great room doesn't have to bust your budget.

0:00 Intro
2:56 Communication with host
3:37 Internet speed and security
Seating area and desk
Ventilation and health
Bed and bedding
11:32 Noise
Lighting and light pollution
12:56 Kitchen
Other perks like gardens, balcones, and rooftop terraces

reamble: actually verifying many of these items will be difficult with online booking. I would suggest online booking is best for short stays. However when renting apartments longer-term it is important to verify and test your priority items prior to entering into an agreement. You may need prioritize your list based upon your budget or location. It might not be possible to have everything on your list in some locations or situations. For example locations along the coastal desert of Northern Peru hot water is rarely available because it is a hot climate and most locals do not desire hot water.

  1. Communication: Most folks would highly rank the ability to communicate with your host or landlord via Whatsapp or other means before and during one's stay.

  2. Internet speed and reliability
    1. Speed testing
    2. What do you need just browsing, digital nomad, or uploading videos
    3. Security
      1. Password protected WIFI vs open WIFI
        1. Open WIFI is a common reason social media accounts are compromised. Keep in mind you banking could also be compromised before using these unprotected.
      2. VPN
      3. Use your own router and firewall
  1. Seating area or desk to work from may be important to digital nomads, bloggers, vloggers, youtubers, and others.
    1. Decent chair for sitting comfortably
    2. Reasonably sturdy table or desk for laptop or writing
  1. Ventilation this can be an health issue for some and comfort issue by most if not all – cite Agua Calientes Peru
    1. Windows – open to verify they exist and are not bricked shut or otherwise obstructed
    2. Look for signs of black mold on the ceiling or other surfaces. Trust your nose!
    3. Is smoking prohibited
    4. Look for signs of plumbing issues
    5. Screens at lower elevations to prevent mosquitoes and other nuisance flying insects
  1. Bathroom
    1. Shared or private bathroom
    2. Hot shower is more important the higher the elevation of the cooler the climate. How to test demonstrate and cite first hostal stay in Arequipa Peru
    3. Shower drain
    4. Toilet
      1. Is there a seat present if you require such
      2. Test for adequate flushing and verify tank refills
    5. Mirror
  1. Bedding
    1. Soft or hard enough for your preference
    2. Pillow
    3. Bed linens meet you standards
    4. Inspect for signs of bed bugs or other nuisance
  1. Noise
    1. Is location next to a loud bar
    2. Nuisance animals such as roosters, dogs, and cats. Tolerance of these may vary from person to person
  1. Lighting
    1. Adequate lighting throughout room or apartment
    2. Note potential sources of light pollution such as streetlight near window
  1. Kitchen
    1. Shared kitchen or private kitchen
      1. Shared kitchen are great for shorter stays and to meet other travelers
      2. Private kitchens are better for longer stays and the ability to cook most meals to save money
    2. Inspect for signs of nuisance insects such as roaches and flies
    3. Adequate sink and counter to clean up and process meals
    4. Adequate utensils, plates pots and pans.
    5. Gas included or extra for cook top or stove
    6. Refrigerator
    7. Appliances such as blender, microwave, toaster oven, etc
  1. Clothes washing area or machine
    1. Clothesline
    2. Can you hang a line in your bathroom
    3. Clothes hangers are a plus and general good sign
  1. Perks for relaxing, smoking, or meeting other travelers
    1. Garden area
    2. Shared balcony
    3. Rooftop patio

Closing: Trade offs for budget or priority must haves

Fast Fred Ruddock in Ecuador overlooking Otavalo

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