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How to Get Medications at the Farmacia

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How to Get Needed Medications at the Farmacia in Latin America

Tips for getting what you need at the local Farmacia in Latin America. A little Spanish will go a long way. But I will help you with some cheat notes and tips to help you get what you need. Prices are a small fraction of what you would pay in the USA even if you have insurance there. In this example I am visiting a farmacia in Ecuador.

Fast Fred Ruddock in Ecuador overlooking Otavalo

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If you are planing a visit to Ecuador and have any questions about the logistics please feel free to reach out or leave comments below. I am always happy to help. I strive to support the local economy and especially the local Ecuadorian owned businesses

You can also use these same services in reverse to catch a bus to the airport on your way back home. Learn more here https://www.aeropuertoquito.aero/es/guia-de-transporte.html


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