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National Police Day Parade Excitement

Experience National Police Day Spectacle in Plaza de Armas Cusco Peru

The National Police Day in Cusco Peru was exciting to say the least with fireworks and some unplanned pyrotechnics too! Fortunately there were no injuries. The special operations units are chilling to say the least. There is no wonder the indigenous people staged marches during the week before and after this day. As they suffered the impact of these units during the conflict with Shining Path. I had been in Cusco Peru for over a week when this parade and show of force occurred.

The action and entertainment value was high as well. Pyrotechnics got a little out of hand at one point but there were no injuries. You can some serious hardware as they used while fighting the Shining Path and suppressing the indigenous people. The police dogs were of many different shapes and sizes. They were sheltering under the same porch while I ate my breakfast. This was just part of my journey along the road to Machu Picchu.


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