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Motorcycle Helmet Laws Map of the USA

Avoid helmat laws or get legal standing to challenge them. The choice is always yours

Travel Mexico - Photo of Aqueduct section in Mexico City

Motorcycle Related Articles Written for ABATE and SMROs

These articles were largely written in support of motorcyclists rights issues. They include information about lobbying and acts of civil disobedience. There are a few years of content within this page. However due to the age of much of this material they are not mobil friendly. I have lost many friends to motorcycles and in many cases to the careless drivers that killed them in accidents incolving right-of-way violations. Most recently my good friend Bad Bob Archer was killed near his home by the driver of a large pickup truck.

Even if you are not a fan of motorcycles or the rights community around motorcycles you are sure to find useful information within these articles and a better understand how our shared govenment works ...learn more

Travel Ecuador - Photo of Fast Fred above Banos de Agua Santa hiking

View Archival Photo Articles If You Want the Back Story

The above photo features my second helmet law ticket in North Carolina. I did not get it by accident or with any regret. I fought three similar tickets in court over the years; winning one, getting another thrown out of court, and paying a fine one time. One case went all the way to the South Carolina Supreme Court. Several years of backstories and photos across the Carolinas and the United States. Most of these bikes exceeded 100k miles and a couple were ridden beyond 200k mikes. Many states and events are covered. Sadly some of my many friends featured are no longer with us. That said you might enjoy a few grins and laughs especially if you knew them. ...learn more

Travel Peru - Photo of Fast Fred at Machu Picchu

Combining Two Loves in Western North Carolina

Enjoy this video combining both sports on the steep switchbacks above the take out for the most famous steep creek the Green River Narrows. A thrill seeker's playground can be found along the Blue Ridge Mountains. This kayak has long since been retired and passed along to some new paddlers learning the sport including at least one of my biker pals ...learn more