Fast Fred Ruddock dropping second ledge of Broken Nose on Middle Ocoee with happy guests

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Fast Fred and Ocoee River Adventures

Fast Fred, our raft guide, was amazing. It was an adventurous, thrill filled ride. Fred was safety oriented. Extensive knowledge of the river rapids and adept handling of our raft made the adventure an outstanding event. ~Marie D -July 2021

Whitewater adventure for the whole family!

This was our family's first time rafting! We took the Middle Ocoee trip and our guide, Fred, was AWESOME! Fred was knowledgeable about the river, skilled in navigating treacherous conditions with "newbs" and was a hoot to chat with! Ocoee Adventure Center made sure we were well equipped and made aware of all safety precautions and instructions. Not only will we be back for more fun on the river, but when we come, we will bring friends and will request Fred! ~Stephanie H -August 2017

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I was super nervous to go but Fast Fred was the best guide. It was really fun! I can’t wait to go back!! ~Alisha Hays -July 2020

I would highly recommend using Ocoee Adventure Center if you plan on rafting the Ocoee river! The staff was not only friendly but knowledgeable about the river and while seeing other guides from other companies lose there rafters I never saw our rafts in our group lose anyone! We had Fast Fred as our guide and he knows a lot about this river!! Highly recommend him or any of the guides really! I was not excited about doing this but left feeling excited and wanting to go again! ~Kimberly Riggs Nunnally September 2022

Fast Fred Ruddock in Ecuador overlooking Otavalo

Got Questions About This Ocoee River Rafting Guide?

I am Fast Fred Ruddock and I would be happy to give you honest answers to your questions about rafting or the Ocoee River. You may email me directly with your questions or concerns at fastfredruddock@gmail.com and if you would like to come rafting with me be sure to check out Fast Fred Rafts for the latest details.

When I started this online Ocoee River Rafting Guide in 2016 there were none available online or in print. I'd like to this this is still the best Ocoee River Rafting Guide available. That said feedback is always welcomed and this is a constant work in progress.


I began rafting whitewater when I was young during the early 1970 with my family. We had several of our own rafts between my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. My family loved playing in the water; I grew up rafting, sailing, and surfing. As I grew older and technology improved I began to get serious about kayaking and creek boating as well. I became an ACA certified kayak instructor and have shared the sport with countless others over the years. Living along the banks of the Green River in North Carolina I have access to some of the best world class rapids to hone my skills.

During my long off-season from rafting I primarily travel solo through Latin America. Ecuador is likely my favorite country to visit but I also enjoy Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico. Working as a river guide in the southeast during summers in North America I don't earn a lot of money and live close to the federal poverty level. In spite of this I live a rich life on a frugal budget. If you would like to learn more about traveling in Latin America or maybe some frugal travel tips visit Fast Fred Travels.



Curious about how I can travel so light or what I use on the river? Want to know more about the gear I carry abroad on my extend trips in Latin America or while rafting and kayaking? Here's your chance to dig into my Amazon shop for an inside look. If you make purchases via this shop I will get a very small commission but it will not increase your price what so ever.