Whitewater Rafting Questions and Answers
Guiding the Olympic Course of the Upper Ocoee

Whitewater Rafting Questions and Answers

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Whitewater Rafting Questions and Answers

Questions about white water rafting

The Blue Ridge Mountains are packed with exciting rapids, perfect for the white-knuckle thrill of water rafting. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rafter, the rapids of the Blue Ridge Mountains provide a thrilling ride. With the right gear, you can navigate the rapids with ease, and the scenery is simply breathtaking.

Question to ask before booking your whitewater rafting trip

You need to the answers to several question before booking you rafting trip. How long is the bus ride to the river. How much time will be spent on the river. How many photos will be taken and at how many locations. Ask about the inclusions for your trip such as swimming and surfing or possibly lunch on longer trips. Also questions to ask about your guide.

Questions about rafts and gear

Learn about the parts of the raft and other important gear. Modern self bailing rafts are made up several parts such as the external tube, thwarts, inflated self bailing floor, and chicken strap. Other important gear includes your helmet, personal flotation device, and paddle. Shoes are also important to protect your feet. This section will remove help you understand rafting and safety.

Questions about the Ocoee River

Learn about the Ocoee River and river features, A river with two names originates in northern Georgia before crossing the state line into Tennessee. The state live divides the two towns of Copperhill and McCaysville A blue line is actually painted across the town. Learn about the Upper and Middle Ocoee River sections.

Questions about guides

Learn all about Ocoee River rafting guides and the gear they carry. Learn about the gear guides carry while conducting commercial rafting trips. While guests are responsible for three pieces of gear a senior guides has many more. Learn how to request or hire the guide of your dreams for a stellar experience rafting the Ocoee River and tips for any other river.

Questions rafting guests often ask

Potential rafting guests have lots of questions ranging from requirements to raft the Ocoee River to where to eat or lodge. Get the low down on issues like age, fitness level, weight, and underlying conditions What you should bring to the river is as important was what not to bring on the river. How to prepare for your rafting trip and what you should wear.

Silly questions that guides hear more often than you think

These questions are a sampling of silly questions often hear and potentially answer. Some of these questions might make you laugh or scratch your head. The answers range from serious to just as silly as the questions. This section is likely to be more entertaining than informative.

Fast Fred Ruddock in Ecuador overlooking Otavalo

Got Questions About Ocoee River Rafting Or This Blog Article?

I am Fast Fred Ruddock and I would be happy to give you honest answers to your questions about rafting or the Ocoee River. You may email me directly with your questions for concerns at fastfredruddock@gmail.com and if you would like to come rafting with me be sure to check out Fast Fred Rafts for the latest details.


I began rafting when I was young during the 1970 with my family. We had several of our own rafts between my parents, grand parents, aunts, and uncles. My family loved playing in the water; I grew up rafting, sailing, and surfing. As I grew older and technology improved I began to get serious about kayaking and creek boating as well. I became an ACA certified kayak instructor and have shared the sport with countless others over the years. Living along the banks of the Green River in North Carolina I have access to some of the best world class rapids to hone my skills.

During my long off-season from rafting I primarily travel solo through Latin America. Ecuador is likely my favorite country to visit but I also enjoy Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico. Working as a river guide in the southeast during summers in North America I don't earn a lot of money and live close to the federal poverty level. In spite of this I live a rich life on a frugal budget. If you would like to learn more about traveling in Latin America or maybe some frugal travel tips visit Fast Fred Travels.



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