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Whitewater Kayak Instruction

Intermediate, novice, and beginner kayak instruction available. Learn to perform and perfect peel outs, eddy turns, ferries and surf waves. Work drills to improve s-turns, c-turns. Learn how to use river features to you advantage. There are many rivers in the southeast to choose from to meet your needs and desires to progress as a whitewater kayaker. Contact me for more information or to schedule your private instruction clinic.

Private Instruction Rates

More Twisty than the Dragon Tail at Deal's Gap

Ascending the up to 15% grade of the Green River Cove Road and 17 switchbacks/hairpin curves on a 2003 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard with kayak and trailer in tow. While I may have exceeded the speed limit I remained in my own lane throughout.

First Post of 2012

While cleaning up the old cabin on the Green I found this old brochure, The Green River Summer 1981, that my elders created thirty years ago to address parking, litter, and over use on the Lower Green. Many of the same issues are resurfacing again. While many take from the cove few are giving back or cleaning up the mess their customers leave.

The Green River Summer 1981 Brochure

Seems to me each of the tubing outfitters could hire an open boater to pick up trash from each each release. That would be a great job for a kid on summer break. Considering they each clear thousands of dollars of profit every Saturday and Sunday of the summer this is not unreasonable.

A Look Back at 2011

2011 was a fun year with plenty of ups and downs. On the biker front a State Senator introduced a new bill to mandate motorcycle helmet use in South Carolina. The bill may have difficulty making it out of committee as an ABATE of SC supporter chairs the committee. If the bill does pass the General Assembly Governor Haley is expect to veto the effort. However only time will tell. Take a proactive approach; write letters and contact your senators and representatives.

I earned ACA certification as a Level 4 Whitewater Kayak Instructor during 2011 and spent much time practicing and playing on the Ocoee River in Tennessee. If you are interested in learning to kayak get in touch with me.

I also attended the CBA/ABATE of NC Officer Training and Awards Banquet. CBA is well organized but still facing an uphill battle to change North Carolina's helmet law. If you care get involved by contacting your state senator and representative. You may even wish to take part in civil disobedience and make our foes pay.

Green Race - November 5, 2011

I shot this video while paddling into to watch the race. I've included some race footage. The cold water and deep shade reduced battery life. I'll return during 2012 to get more POV footage of the Green River Narrows.

Ocoee Fun

This is footage from 2011 on the Middle Ocoee. If this looks like fun you should consider kayaking this summer!

Walking the Plank at Gonzo Shoals

One of the first challenge moves most Ocoee paddlers try.

Broken Nose Attainment Explained

An easy move that often intimidates paddlers before they try it.

Five Eddies of Broken Nose on the Middle Ocoee River

My take on the five eddies of Broken Nose. I like the move from eddy three to eddy four.

Ocoee's Diamond Splitter Challenge

A fun line with moderate consequences if you blow it.

Ocoee's Powerhouse Rapid

Catching the eddy between the two ledges and running the bottom hole.

Lower Green

A great move to practice if you don't think you are ready for the Middle Ocoee River just yet.

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