Ocoee River Guidebook by River Guide Fast Fred

Ocoee River Guidebook

These Ocoee Guidebooks are Intended Primarily for Raft Guide Trainees

Ocoee Raft Guiding 101 and 102

This Ocoee River Guidebook for Raft Guide Trainees is geared towards rafting the basic lines and learning the names of rapids. Many first year guides struggle learning the rapid names and lines. 101 Middle Ocoee Guidebook is intended as a training manual or cliff notes to help trainees aspiring to become rookie guides on the Middle Ocoee. 102 Upper Ocoee Guidebook shows the major rapids of the Upper Ocoee with easier rapids omitted. Rapids are presented in the same order you will encounter them on the river.

Ocoee River Guidebooks for Rafters

Many guides and raft companies apparently exaggerate the class rating of rapids. The ratings you find below are the actual International Scale of River Difficulty ratings of Middle Ocoee rapids according to the leading authority American Whitewater for normal flows between 1,200 and 1,600 cubic feet per second. Some rapids do become more difficult at higher flows. Commercial trips are not permitted to put on above 3,000 cfs.

Ocoee River Hydrology and Hazards 301

This video series focuses upon some of the Ocoee Rivers more famous and possibly the more hazardous as well. Examine the rocks that create water features and in some cases hazards for swimmers. This Hyrology and Hazard video series examines the rapids at low water. Ocoee River rapids examined include Alien Boof, Mikeys, Blue Hole, Callihan's, Godzilla, Humongous, Broken Nose, and Tablesaw.

This video series is not a replacement for actually walking the dry riverbed to examine the hazards and features in person. Use caution in riverbeds below dams.

Drop Surfing 399

This section of the Ocoee River Guidebook is not intended for Raft Guide Trainees nor first or second year guides. Consider the disclaimer in the actual video. I am in no way encouraging you to drop surf Washing Machine or any other hole. Proceed at your own discretion.

This advanced surfing course requires at a minimum the following prerequisites. 301 - Advanced Water Reading, 299 - Intermediate Surfing at Double Suck. 299 - Advanced Bracing, and at least three years guiding experience of the Middle Ocoee or higher.


I can often be found playing or working on the Ocoee River in East Tennessee. I currently work as a river guide and kayak instructor at Ocoee Adventure Center

If you find this guide helpful please consider donating a beer! I may create an Upper Ocoee River Guide as well based upon the feedback and beer I receive.

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