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Hydrology and Hazards of Olympic Course
explained by kayaker and river guide Fast Fred Ruddock

Hydrology and Hazards of 1996 Olympic Course

301 - Ocoee River Hydrology and Hazards covers many of the rapids of the Ocoee River. This article covers the 1996 Olympic Course. Engineers associated with the TVA redesigned about a quarter miles of the riverbed for the Olympics. In addition to narrowing the channel by roughly two thirds hazards were addressed. Under cuts and sieves were filled with concrete. Additionally some features were added to create a worthy Olympic whitewater venue for the Atlanta games. This is a popular place for families with small children to wade and splash in the water between releases. The nature of the world is impermanence. These features are subject to change over time or quickly during high water events. Be informed and be safe out there people.

Video of the 1996 Olympic Course's Hydrologies and Hazards

The above video features a playful route through the class IV whitewater. This section is the safest class IV whitewater for swimmers on the Ocoee River. However it has been the site of deaths from overexertion. This is not uncommon in whitewater. You should honestly access your own level of fitness before taking on whitewater activities. This is especially true above the level of class III. Whitewater activities come with inherent risks. The inability to swim and poor levels of fitness increase these risks.

The Olympic section of the Upper Ocoee River includes several rapids. These rapids in the order encountered are Welcome Ledge, Smiley Face, Slam Dunk, Callihan's, Godzilla, Humongous and Bryce's Blunder. A competent guide in coordination with a competent crew can run this quarter mile of class IV whitewater rather quickly. Any errors will however receive penalty points and possibly result in thrilling and demanding swimming. The hydraulics are capable of recirculating swimmers. Underling cardiac disease may increase risks to swimmers. Fatalities have ocurred in this matter.

All that said this is the best whitewater the Upper Ocoee has to offer to thrill seekers.

Continue reading to learn more about the hydrology and hazards of the Ocoee River.

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