FastFred River Guide

Middle Ocoee River Guidebook

By FastFred - If you find this guide helpful please consider donating a beer! I may create an Upper Ocoee River Guide as well based upon the feedback I receive.

Rule Number 1: Don't Die. Rule Number 2: Don't Kill Anyone Else

Safety First! Aviod preventable hazards for you and your guests.

Interesting Lines of the Middle Ocoee River Rapids

  1. Grumpy's Ledge (Class III 1200-1600cfs) aka Snow White, Entrance

  2. North Shore

  3. Staging Eddy - includes Power Flow

    Raft trips eddy out on river right near the gauge stick. Multiple surfs are available.
  4. Gonzo Shoals

  5. Broken Nose (Class III+ 1200-1600cfs)

  6. Second Helping

  7. Dragon Slayer aka First Ledge of Slice and Dice

  8. Slice and Dice

  9. Moon Shoot

  10. Double Suck (Class III 1200-1600cfs)

  11. Hell's Half Mile

  12. Double Trouble (Class III 1200-1600cfs)

  13. Jump Rock

  14. Left Right Left

  15. Squeeze Play

  16. Flipper

  17. Hollywood

  18. Doldrums - Official Swimming Hole for Guests

  19. Hiwassee Shoals

  20. Sneaky Pete and Surprise Ledge

  21. Table Saw (Class III+ 1200-1600cfs)

  22. Diamond Splitter (Class III 1200-1600cfs)

  23. Western Flyer

  24. Dixie Drive aka Left or Right

  25. Swimmers

  26. Accelerator aka Slingshot

  27. Cat's Pajamas aka Torpedo or Champaign

  28. Hell Hole and Powerhouse

Checking Out and Beer Bingo

Suggestions and ideas to improve this guidebook are always welcomed. Donations of beer or small bills will encourage future guidebooks such as one for the Upper Ocoee. I really like dank IPAs and Imperial Stouts hint hint!