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Random Action Videos Captured by FastFred's Camcoder

The following playlist contains raft carnage and general whitewater boater hijinx. If you have a cool trick or line you want filmed let me know.

Ocoee River Class III-IV Rafting with FastFred

The following clip only contains the last two rapids of the Middle Ocoee; there are five more miles of class III+ fun on the Middle Ocoee River. The Upper Ocoee offer up another five miles of class III and IV whitewater including the 1996 Olympic Whitewater Slalom Course. If this looks or sounds like fun to you then consider requesting a trip with Fast Fred at Whitewater Express 1-800-676-7238.

Some past reviews of Fast Fred's raft guiding.

I previously worked for Quest Expeditions but have since moved to Whitewater Express. While many of my videos suggest calling Quest, I am currently guiding solely for Whitewater Express. Videos of recent raft trips are available to past guess and the public to relive or imagine the fun to be had rafting the Ocoee River.

tripadvisor reviews: "Two Thumbs up (and more!)" May 1, 2014 and “Rafting the Ocoee? ...” September 8, 2013.

Recent Guest Comments: "Freddie, Thanks for the expert maneuvers!!! Good stories and a bit of history - Very well rounded trip Whirlpool on..." ~Bryan, Nydia and Michartyak

There are plenty of great motorcycle roads near Ocoee, Tennessee. Reserve your trip with Fast Fred early as the season is getting busy will book up early!

Kayaking Fun Class III Ocoee Whitewater

A little Ocoee River "class III" Whitewater fun. Boofing White Face Rock and then casually paddling behind House Rock before ferrying above Grumpy's Ledge and running the ledge.

Motorcycle Fun on a Twisty Road Somewhere in WNC

Ascending the 17 switchbacks located near the world famous Green River Narrows on my 2003 FLHT while towing a creek boat on a trailer.

Looking into camping, kayaking, or riding in Western North Carolina or East Tennessee? Want some suggestions or ideas?

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