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FastFred's Ezine: Fun, Water, Roads, Rafts, Kayaks, and Bikes!

Ocoee River Guide for Raft Guide Trainees and Others

My online Ocoee River Guide shows basic raft lines through all of the Middle Ocoee rapids. Videos and tips are broken down by rapid. The videos of the five trips featured were all shot during a five trip day with Whitewater Express. Check out sooner and buy less swim beer. These lines also work well in kayaks.

Ocoee River Carnage Featuring Carnage and Hijinks of 2016 Opening Day on the Upper Ocoee!

Upper Ocoee Carnage - Raft Standing on End
Ocoee River Carnage Featuring 2016 Opening Day on the Upper Ocoee

Random Action Captured by FastFred's Camcoder

The following playlist contains raft carnage and general whitewater boater hijinx. If you have a cool trick or line you want filmed let me know.

Kayaking Fun Class III Ocoee Whitewater

A little Ocoee River "class III" Whitewater fun. Boofing White Face Rock and then casually paddling behind House Rock before ferrying above Grumpy's Ledge and running the ledge.

Motorcycle Fun on a Twisty Road Somewhere in WNC

Ascending the 17 switchbacks located near the world famous Green River Narrows on my 2003 FLHT while towing a creek boat on a trailer.

Looking into camping, kayaking, or riding in Western North Carolina or East Tennessee? Want some suggestions or ideas?

Motorcycle Helmet Laws Map of the USA

USA State Motorcycle Helmet Laws Map

Dirtbag Lifestyle

Living Dirtbag Style: Cheap and Healthy - Save your cash for what matters; you can eat, camp and live quite fine on low bucks. This section will be expanding as time permits during the coming months.