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How to Purchase a Local SIM Card and Prepaid Package

How do I get a local SIM card?

What are the advantages of using local cellular networks while traveling abroad?

Using a local network like TelCel, Claro, or Movistar in Latin American countries will provide faster service and much lower bills. General speaking you can get a month of data and calls for under $20 including the purchase price of a SIM card.

What is a SIM card?

A subscriber identity module (SIM) card is a smart card with identification information that connects a user to a particular mobile network. Be aware that locked phones can only accept SIM cards from a specific carrier, while unlocked phones can accept any carrier’s card.

How to purchase a local SIM card and prepaid package?

I always purchase a SIM card when I visit a foreign country. However I don't buy the SIM card or service package at airports! The kiosk at the airport will charge you many times the going rate. Instead I visit an electronics store in the first town I visit. In Ecuador the initial purchase of a Claro SIM chip included three days of coverage and a couple gigabits of data. I immediately added a $15 paquete that added 30 days and 15 gb of data plus 250 minutes of calls.

Here's a cheat sheet to make it easier for you to get a SIM card:

"Necesito una nueva tarjeta SIM por favor."

How to add data or renew your prepaid package?

You can visit almost any farmacia or small store to recharge your service. If in doubt look for the red Claro sign. You just ask and let them know which package you want. Such as $15 etc.

Here's a cheat sheet to make it easier for you to recharge your plan:

"Necesito recarga Claro para $15 por favor."

Why to purchase as local SIM card and network coverage?

Considering the poor service offered by Verizon costs $10.00/day vs better service and speed with Claro is just $0.50/day it is an easy decision.

The whole process is easy and only took a few minutes and did not require a passport or any paperwork. I just paid $20. Smaller packages are available for those spending less time in the country. The process is basically the same in Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Guatemala. As a side note my Guatemala Claro package work just fine in Panama.

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