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Riding Free in Western North Carolina without a Lid

The people of the mountains of Western North Carolina have never taken kindly to folks trying to run their lives. I took another wild ride through the land of my grandfathers. This time I really expected to get a ticket for refusing to wear a helmet. To increase my odds of a ticket I rode through several small towns in addition to the city of Asheville. I reckon the old ways of the mountains are still alive and well; I rode through Lake Lure three times without a lid past the usual speed traps to no avail.

While I could not find a helmet ticket I did manage to have a lot of fun and take a lot of photos of water falls and other sights to be seen. I also had a chance to rub elbows with other curious Carolina bikers; I suspect a few more of them will join ABATE. After riding lidless back and forth through Lake Lure a few times curious bikers started asking for the ABATE newsletters I've created habit of bringing to Margaritagille; they greedily snatched them up. I reckon Crazy Horse's tactic of riding in front of the enemy's lines has something to be said for it; I suggest you give it a try.

Pearsons Falls near Saluda, North Carolina
Pearsons Falls is named for Charles William Pearson. Mr Pearson found the falls while surveying a new railroad route from Spartanburg to Asheville. The Tryon Garden Club bought the glen from the Pearson family in 1931. This water fall is one of the safest to view in Western North Carolina due to the stone walkways and hand rails. The walk is remarkably short ... Full Story and Photos >>

Pearsons Falls

Shunkawauken Falls near Columbus, NC
Shunkawauken Falls are named for and indian chief. Prior to 1891 the falls were call Horse Creek Falls. Only the top 150 feet are visible of the over 1,000 foot falls. Most of the waterfall is loacted on private property and canot be seen by the public. This fall can been easily seen from White Oak Mountain Road but be careful as there is no shoulder on this narrow road. ... Full Story and Photos >>

Shunkawauken Falls

Western North Carolina Freedom Ride
While riding around without a lid taking pictures of waterfalls is fun, I decided to rub elbows with fellow bikers and city folks too. I rode through Lake Lure three times with no helmet; I felt a bit like Crazy Horse passing all the cops and not getting so much as a dirty look. My pals in the cove swore Lake Lure would give me a helmet ticket; I must admit I am still shocked ... Full Story and Photos >>

Roger and Michelle

Fishtop in the Green River Cove
Before my long ride home to the coast I stopped by a special place. I've been coming to Fishtop since the 70's. I met a DNR cop along the trail writing a couple of hippies tickets for camping which is now illegal in the cove unless you have permission from a landowner. I would suggest that those who do try camping on DNR's land should avoid main trails unless ... Full Story and Photos >>


ABATE of SC Laurens Chapter Meeting
The Laurens chapter is one of my favorite groups to visit. These folks know how to get things done and they also know how to have fun while they get it done! The VFW Post 3354 also has kind prices for beer and drinks; the munchies are free too. Bob Baxter and this group gave me some rather interesting ideas; I think they might join me on a future lid free ride through ... Full Story and Photos >>

Laurens ABATE

Live life on your feet instead of your knees; if you let other people tell you what to do you will never be free. Besides a little civil disobedience is fun!


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