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Western North Carolina Freedom Ride July 8, 2006

While riding around without a lid taking pictures of waterfalls is fun, I decided to rub elbows with fellow bikers and city folks too. I rode through Lake Lure three times with no helmet; I felt a bit like Crazy Horse passing all the cops and not getting so much as a dirty look. My pals in the cove swore Lake Lure would give me a helmet ticket; I must admit I am still shocked I got no ticket. However it fired up the bikers at Margaritagille in Lake Lure; they took all the ABATE newsletters I had on hand and asked a lot of questions. I suspect we gained a few more freedom fighters. I rode over 150 miles through Western North Carolina Saturday July 8th and never got the helmet ticket I was seeking in Saluda, Columbus, Chimney Rock, Bat Cave, Asheville and several other small towns along the way.

I'll be back riding the hills of North Carolina again soon and you can be sure I won't be wearing a helmet. If you like to join me on a tour of Western North Carolina drop me a line.


Tikki Bar near Lake Lure

FF's FLHT at the Tikki Bar

Margaritagille at Lake Lure

Roger and Michelle of CBA

Mellow Mushroom Asheville

Riding Asheville without a lid

Barley's in Asheville

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