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A Proposed MRF Solution

by FastFred

Interestingly I have gotten quite a bit of feedback from my recent MRF article but no one has sent any negative feedback. I do support the MRF and its purpose. However I am concerned about the current governing structure and a lack of member representation as I stated in my previous article “Do You Blindly Trust the MRF?” I feel I have clearly stated the problem; I hope to outline a solution now.

Currently admistrative officers have the same voting rights as representatives of the membership. It seems the membership of the MRF would be better served if officers filling administrative roles did not have voting rights on the board of directors. It seems that existing positions such as two Member Representative Board Members, two State Representatives to the Board, and two Supporting SMRO Board Members would retain voting rights. It seems taking this one step further and adding at least two more Member Representative Board Members and elected each from specific regions of the country would further improve the membership's representation.

Administrative positions may well be best filled by appointment rather than elected to select officers with the desired technical skills. However these appointed positions are not representatives of the membership and as such should not have voting rights on the board. Administrative positions include the President, Vice President, Vice President of Government Relations, Government, Relations, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Communications and Information, Conference Director, Director of Member Relations, Director of Product and Procurement, Director of Motorcycle Safety, Director of State Representative Program, and MRFPAC Director. It is reasonable that the president be allowed to vote in the case of a tie.

What you can do to help. I am not suggesting that anyone should not join the MRF or continue to maintain a current membership. I am suggesting that concerned motorcyclists contact all of the voting members of the MRF board and request change.

I would like to hear from you about your views on this issue.

About the author: FastFred Ruddock is an avid motorcycle rider who has a background in grassroots activism. Fred is a current member of the MRF, a former member of the MRF Board of Directors, a member of the Sons of Liberty Riders, and the current state coordinator of ABATE of SC. He writes regularly for the Biker Ezine and various regional motorcycle magazines in the southeast.

Read the current MRF bylaws for yourself.

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