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When I Ride I Decide in NC

Photos and Article by FastFred, July 14-16, 2006

Bad Bob and Gwen joined me for this free spirited ride in North Carolina. We toured the Asheville area and found some time to see some sights and enjoy a some adventure. On this trip no one ever wore a helmet; this seemed to really frustrate one confused North Carolina Biker. I reckon he figured no one would ride into Lake Lure knowingly without a helmet. We waved and smiled which only seemed to cause more bewilderment. You can see the head gear of choice in the photos below. Other than freaking out one rider on the way to Lake Lure and Margaritagille the ride was non eventful.

The ride to Asheville via 74-A through many small town was more interesting. We missed the highway 25 exit 5A so we took another and rode trough the Grove and Patton Street area to reach Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria. Along the way we got stuck in a small traffic jam right next to an Asheville Police car on Patton Street a block before highway 25. We waited several lights while inching towards the intersection side by side with the cop car. Upon reaching the intersection we turned left while the officer turned right. It was rather funny as Gwen was adjusting her hair and bandana all the while the cop was watching us.

No trip to Asheville seems quite complete without a trip to the Mellow Mushroom. I enjoyed a local brew and a couple of slices of Bob's pizza; thanks Bob. We rode back to Saluda with no helmets and no hassles through downtown Asheville and the interstate. While hat riding was fun so was visiting the countryside and remote but beautiful sights like Big Bradley Falls and Fishtop.

I took an excursion into North Carolina again prior to arriving at our Rock Hill chapter meeting taking I-85 and NC-161. Still no ticket but I at least I'm enjoying the ride.

If you would like to join in the fun on a future lidless motorcycle trip in Western North Carolina let me know.

Crushed remains of a steel bridge

Bad Bob and Gwen in Lake Lure

Mellow Mushroom in Asheville

FastFred riding in Asheville, NC

Crow Bar in Rock Hill

Some core members of ABATE
Big Bradley Waterfall on July 15, 2006
This day began with a motorcycle ride to reach the trail head to Big Bradley Falls; we decided to not wear helmets. The hike to the Big Bradley Waterfall is a little over a mile through a beautiful forest and across Cove Creek near Saluda, North Carolina. Our first stop was the overlook near the falls in the ... Full Story and Photos
Big Bradley Falls and two young ladies

ABATE of SC Rock Hill Chapter Meeting
I enjoyed my visit to the Rock Hill chapter meeting. The attendance was small but a lot of quality material was provided to those in attendance. The Crow Bar provided chicken and fixin's to everyone present. This meeting was part of a 300 mile ride on Sunday. If you would like the State Coordinator to visit your next chapter ... Full Story and Photos

Rock Hill ABATE at the Crow Bar


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