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The Good Fight in WNC, Pickens, Cowpens, and Rock Hill

Photos and article by FastFred Ruddock

What a long strange trip its been... This trip began in Charleston but the first stop was in Bryson City North Carolina. The weather gods were very kind to provide spring like weather for the ride to court in the mountains. Exercising my sense of humor and in an effort to make a point it is about choice: I wore my full-face DOT helmet all the way through South Carolina. However when I reached Saluda North Carolina just over the border I removed the full face helmet and replaced it with my more comfortable North Carolina "safety helmet" like the one in this photo:

I spent the night at Sleep Inn in Bryson City. I thank Rick Nelson for covering most of my lodging expenses. I just wish my day in court had been as smooth as his in Georgia. I overlooked several technicalities which could have gotten my ticket tossed out of court in a quest to make a constitutional challenge. We were at court all day long. I'll save the other details of the trial for another article. After court the rain came and we rode to Asheville where I intended to buy a few beers for my friends but FU had other ideas and paid the tab when no one was paying attention. Roger came to visit and we gave him a copy of the brief used in court.

Cool photo by Lynn

Sunset in a cool hilltop graveyard

After sunset among the graves

FF with defense package and FU

FF, FU, and Missy and rain coming

FU thought she was hitting on me

But she was really sweet for Lynn

Fine Buncombe Bikers

Are we having fun yet?
Friday night I went to my Buncombe CBA chapter dinner. This is one great group of people. I took a few photos there for Tammy our hard working chapter newsletter editor. We had a few hardy laughs about my court experience and talked of more fun to come this year. I rode to this gathering in a very cold rain as temperatures dropped near freezing. After eating I played it safe and rode 40 miles to the cabin to avoid black ice later.

I thought this shirt summed up...

High noon and icicles

More Blue Ridge Icicles

Closed before Graveyard Fields

Looking Glass Falls

Bob's aka Scatter Brains

Cowpens memorial
I stopped in Pickens to speak with some of our legislative team members. They wish to remain nameless for fear of unwarranted attacks by a few Fred Haters. We spoke for many hours and invited other ABATE members to come chat and discuss important legislative issues. They provided some great beer and food as well and fine company.
I stopped to visit the Cowpens battlefield as I traveled from Pickens to the first ever High Country Area ABATE Meeting. This battlefield is free to visit though they have a neat store. This is holy ground where Daniel Morgan turned the tide of the revolutionary war. I urge all bikers and lovers of freedom and liberty to visit this site. Daniel Morgan would have made a fine biker; he gave Tarleton hell despite being out numbered.

Bikes at High Country Meeting

High Country Members

High Country Officers

Screwy, Jic Jac, and the bikers of High Country held a productive and interesting meeting. I was greatly impressed and enjoyed my time with these fine folks. Next trip I hope to have more time to enjoy an after meeting ride with local members. This ride took a lot out of me as the miles racked up and the weather was extreme at times.

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