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Charleston Motorcycle Parking

By FastFred

Since the George Street Parking Garage was built in the 1970s motorcyclists enjoyed free parking. However in February of 2006 the garage came down and the tradition of encouraging motorcycle commuters ended. Now you are charged as much to park a motorcycle as to park a gas and space guzzling Hummer.

George Street Parking Garage

An end to free motorcycle parking?

Wentworth Parking Garage
As you can see above there is a lot of wasted space in the Wentworth garage that will not accommodate cars but is sufficient to park over a dozen motorcycles. The arrangement at the George Street Garage was to allow motorcycles to park free unless they occupied a car space.

Parking Ticket

Space for a half dozen bikes?

Shortage of customers?
The above displaced motorcycle received at $45 parking ticket. A new garage at the College of Charleston has plenty of wasted space large enough to park over a dozen motorcycles; the new garage seems to be nearly empty or at least under utilized. Do motorist find the rates high?

St Philips CofC Garage

Blocked and wasted space

More wasted space
A City of Charleston ordinance allows for up to six motorcycles to park in one parkingmeter zone (Sec. 19-256). The City of Charleston recognizes that a motorcycle occupies much less space than a car or truck. The college charges cars parked outside in lots $100. However the college also charges motorcycles the same price. It would seem the motorcyclist is paying four times as much per square foot used.

Marked motorcycle parking

Limited space and clutter

Where will all the bikes go?

The only area on campus designated for motorcycle parking is crowded with fewer than five bikes. There is a lot of near by clutter and utility carts parked in the same area. You can see for yourself in the above pages the limited space. The George Street Garage often held a dozen or more bikes. Where are the other bikes going to park in the Spring? Where will the overflow parking be provided?

April 29, 2007 Update

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