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Utah Motorcycle Laws and Information

Legislature | State Motorcyclists Rights Organization (SMRO)

Motorcycle helmet law:

41-6a-1505.   Motorcycle or motor-driven cycle -- Protective headgear -- Closed cab excepted -- Electric assisted bicycles, motor assisted scooters, electric personal assistive mobility devices.

(1)  A person under the age of 18 may not operate or ride on a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle on a highway unless the person is wearing protective headgear which complies with specifications adopted under Subsection (3).

(2)  This section does not apply to persons riding within an enclosed cab.

(3)  The following standards and specifications for protective headgear are adopted:

(a)  49 C.F.R. 571.218 related to protective headgear for motorcycles; and

(b)  49 C.F.R. 1203 related to protective headgear for bicycles, motor assisted scooters, and electric personal assistive mobility devices.

Amended by Chapter 86, 2007 General Session

Other motorcycle laws:

41-6a-1619. Sale of unapproved equipment prohibited -- Trademark or brand name.

(1) A person shall not sell or offer for sale any equipment or parts that do not comply with the standards adopted under Section 41-6a-1601 including any lamp, reflector, hydraulic brake fluid, seat belt, safety glass, emergency disablement warning device, studded tire, motorcycle helmet, eye protection device for motorists, or red rear bicycle reflector.

(2) Any equipment described under Subsection (1) or Section 41-6a-1618 or any package containing the equipment shall bear the manufacturer's trademark or brand name unless it complies with identification requirements of the United States Department of Transportation or other federal agencies.

Renumbered and Amended by Chapter 2, 2005 General Session

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