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Legalizing Tattooing in South Carolina

by FastFred

While many of us have been fighting to legalize tattooing in South Carolina for over ten years the battle is not over yet! Help us bring tattooing out of the underground and dirty backrooms. Tattooing is mainstream today and the health of the next generation is at stake. The battle at the state level both in the General Assembly and DHEC has been won. However the battle rages on at the local level.

Please take a few moments today to contact your county council member and city council member. Ask them to pass reasonable zoning for tattoo parlors. Ask you friends to read this article and to contact their council members too.

Charleston County Council will hold the first reading of a zoning ordinance on April 25, 2006. Please use the contact information at the bottom of this article to contact your council member. Even if you are not a resident of Charleston please consider making positive contact concerning this issue. Currently council members claim they have heard no feedback from the public either for or against tattooing.

Charleston County's stance on this issue will likely set a precedence for many other counties in South Carolina. However action is still required by the Cities of Charleston and North Charleston to permit tattooing in the areas of greatest need. Likewise all counties and cities in South Carolina must pass zoning ordinances to permit tattooing.

It appears that the fighting for legal tattooing on the local level will be left to the same bikers who won the fight at the state level. Apparently the younger generation most at risk from hepatitis and other risks from underground tattooing are not politically involved. Tattoo artists are trying to win the local battle but there numbers are small. However together we can win this fight.

Please take a few moments today to contact the Charleston County Council Members below and your local council members as well. If we flood all the council members across the state today this issue can be resolved in a positive manner.

Please note that the members of the Charleston County Council are more moved by phone calls, letters, and faxes than by emails.

County Council
Lonnie Hamilton, III Public Services Building
4045 Bridge View Drive
Charleston, SC 29405-7464
Phone: (843) 958-4030
Fax: (843) 958-4035
* Note the above address and numbers may be used to contact any member.

Stavrinakis, Leon E. (District 9)

Scott, Timothy E. (District 3)
Vice Chairman

Bostic, Curtis E. (District 6)

Condon, Colleen T. (District 7)

Darby, Henry (District 4)

Fava, Ed (District 2)

Inabinett, Curtis (District 8)

Pryor, Teddie (District 5)

Wallace, Charles (District 1)

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