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Steal This Law

An elected official is stealing your tattoo law; Attorney General Henry McMaster has decided that the new law allowing tattoos in South Carolina is unconstitutional. Many of us worked hard for over a decade and especially during the last legislative session to legalize tattooing in South Carolina. Still others have invested large sums of money to open legal tattoo shops in our state to no avail; these tattoo artists and investors are now losing money due to the greed of one man. His greed is for accumulating more political clout and favors.

Stealing your freedom. Our elected Attorney General Henry McMaster is pandering to a small but vocal group. However this small and vocal group of bible thumpers is very politically active; they actively campaign for their candidates and arrange bus rides to the polls. Their political efforts result in political power.

Steal this government. ABATE of South Carolina is working hard to overcome these obstacles. ABATE is currently conducting a membership drive and intends to recruit more than 20,000 members and organize chapters in all 46 counties. We need your help to reach these goals and take back our government.

Steal this event. The next time you are at a biker event or motorcycle run ask someone wearing an ABATE patch how to join. ABATE members invite other bikers without ABATE patches to join. You don't need to wait until the next ABATE event because all motorcycle related events are great places to find new members or even chapters.

Steal back liberty. Join ABATE of South Carolina and learn how to steal back your government for free. If you paid for this government you got ripped off. Legislators from districts with many ABATE of South Carolina members also have the best voting records in the general assembly. Get involved and help organize your county.

If you are interested in continuing to ride lidless or retaining your remaining liberties join us at or call our membership coordinator at (803) 593-6610.

FastFred Ruddock
ABATE of SC State Coordinator

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