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ABATE of SC State Coordinator Report 2004-03-20
Happy 30th birthday ABATE of South Carolina.

ABATE of SC is now thirty years old but still seems awkward as an adolescent; ABATE has yet to grow into its full potential.

Those who have recently lobbied at the Statehouse know the impact we have on the legislators. Senators and their staff notice when dozens of bikers walk the halls together visiting and leaving letters with each and every senator. We filled every seat of the senate gallery with bikers and had many more bikers standing in the back of the gallery but sadly only a few of our areas were well represented. We could be even more effective if we had greater representation from across the state.

Join our email list and become one of the minutemen and minutewomen who answer the call to fill the galleries of the Statehouse in less than 24 hours. Join the list at

I would like to challenge all members of ABATE of SC to become more active in increasing our effectiveness and power at the Statehouse. If each member were to only sign up one more member each we would double our membership. Last night before I sat down to write this article I visited the Icehouse in Summerville and signed up four new members while I was partying; I challenge each of you to match that effort and sign up four new members during the next month. Efforts must be made to organize ALL counties in our state.

Many of our enemies in the Statehouse do not have ABATE chapters in their districts; we must address this weakness by organizing chapters in every county of our state. Please do not expect the officers or others to take this action; we need EVERY member to work towards this goal NOW. Currently only one of our eight areas has ABATE chapters in 100% of its counties; ALL the senators of this area oppose the primary seat belt bill and voice opposition to any future helmet bill. Our goal is to organize EVERY county in South Carolina so we can have this level of influence over ALL senators in the state.

These stats should give you pause: 61% of South Carolina's counties currently do NOT have an ABATE of SC chapter. It is long past time to organize or reorganize the following counties: Abbeville, Allendale, Bamberg, Calhoun, Cherokee, Chester, Chesterfield, Clarendon, Darlington, Dillon, Edgefield, Fairfield, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hampton, Kershaw, Lancaster, Lee, Marion, Marlboro, McCormick, Newberry, Orangeburg, Pickens, Saluda, Spartanburg, Union, and Williamsburg. How would you feel if your child only scored 39% on a test? Well ABATE is only scoring a 39 currently on the task of organizing the counties of South Carolina. We also need to bring back the chapters who left our state organization over personality conflicts with past officers no longer with us.

Finally, don’t despair we are the most powerful grassroots lobby at the statehouse but we have plenty of room for improvement. Senator McConnell told those of us who stayed after dark lobbying on Saint Patrick’s Day the following: “You and your friends are the last hope for liberty in this society.” Don’t let Senator McConnell or the next generation down; rise to the call. Imagine how much more powerful our voice in defense of liberties will become when we have organized all 46 counties.

"Have I done that which I can do for biker rights to the best of my ability?" HELL NO but I’m still trying.

FastFred Ruddock - ABATE of SC State Coordinator

The minutemen and minute-women of ABATE who answer the call to lobby have my undying respect; you know who you are…

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