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The Southern Cross Conference of MROs

The southern states are again taking a stand against a strong overbearing centralized federal government. Sputnik summed it nicely when he said: “The concept of the conference was to get all federal legislators on the same page concerning issues of importance to the southern states. Bikers of course will spearhead that effort.”

The first SCC was successfully co-hosted by ABATE of SC and CBA/ABATE of NC. While Cotton and I have gotten accolades regarding this event many volunteers worked behind the scenes to make SCC a success. Volunteers from several states created workshops and planned the event; they were joined by several local bikers to complete all the necessary tasks. Deb Knox and Pam Martin worked together to cover all the administrative duties. I particularly want to thank all the activists working outside of the spotlight for a job well done. The moral of this story for me: beware of longhaired gray bearded bikers drinking corn liquor in the mountains because you never know what they may talk you into helping create; thanks Cotton.

Most participants were impressed with the new ground plowed by the workshops. According to Sputnik: “The conference brought out a lot of new riders from several states and the workshops were brand new from any you normally get at these type conferences.” Bikers from across the South and beyond came to share ideas. Officers of national motorcyclist rights organizations such as NCOM, MRF, and AMA were present including Doc Reichenbach, Cotton Tedder, Sputnik, Annie Mundy, Karen Bolin, Jeff Hennie, Cindy Hodges, FastFred Ruddock, and Terry Cook. Additionally several SOLR members were present for the duration of the weekend.

Sputnik gave his famous speech on the Five Steps to Freedom with particular emphasis on Step Five. Penny Adams of VFR taught the Federal Government 101 Workshop. Cindy Hodges of CBA/ABATE of North Carolina filled in for Deb Knox to teach Mr. Biker Goes to Washington: Planning a Successful Trip. Kenbo of KBA explained the Southern Political Powerbase: Who Are They and What Can They Do for Us. FastFred of ABATE of South Carolina presented a workshop called Herding Cats: Organizing Effective Lobby Teams. Sputnik said, “All [the] seminars were very well prepared and were backed by volumes of written material.”

We all enjoyed a fine banquet and highly entertaining auction. Over $1,800 was raised towards the SCC’s goal of a first combined lobby day in Washington DC. Sputnik encourage the leaders of SCC member organizations to attend the Midsouth Mile to see how they have fun while raising much more to fund lobbying trips to Washington.

The next SCC will be held in Kentucky the last weekend of July. There will also be a National Conference of Legislators held on that weekend. Plans are to hold the Southern Cross Conference in a hotel directly across the street from the National Conference of Legislators. The Hospitality Room will be open to the national legislators and Kentucky Legislature. Mitch McConnell will host a Hospitality Room in the Legislator's hotel at which bikers will be welcome. This should provide a whole new experience in biker rights; you are urged to attend if at all possible.

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