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NAACP and Myrtle Beach to Discriminate Against All Bikers

Written February 15, 2006 by FastFred Ruddock

The NAACP and Myrtle Beach have reached an agreement that allows for discrimination against all bikers. Apparently discrimination is fine with the NAACP if it is based upon the means of conveyance. This settlement provides black bikers no relief from poor treatment during black bike week but the city promises to treat white bikers just as badly. It seems to me that the NAACP has forgotten Doctor King's words of wisdom: "injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere." It seems this settlement bodes badly for all bikers regardless of the color of their skin. Resort towns that currently feel they have out grown bike weeks now have a new friend and tool to use to end those bike weeks; the friend is Jim Crow and the tool is legalized discrimination against bikers.

During the 1830s a white entertainer named Thomas "Daddy" Rice created the minstrel character Jim Crow. Rice preformed his Jim Crow skit in blackface makeup and helped popularize negative stereotypes of blacks. Learn more about Jim Crow.

Despite the negative overtones directed at bikers both black and white in Myrtle Beach they pay the highest room rates during their respective bike weeks. Seemingly high room rates, repressive law enforcement presence and tactics are reserved for tourists visiting during both bike weeks but are not applied to tourists visiting Myrtle Beach at other times of year.

The number of bikers visiting Myrtle Beach during May is approaching a million. I think that a million bikers could accomplish any thing if they decide to set aside their differences to work towards their common interests. I have heard a lot of hearsay from white bikers attempting to justify their own racist opinions and the treatment of black bikers. However I have yet to see one thread of actual proof. Several businesses have already lost their lawsuits with black bikers; I suggest this is compelling proof that the hearsay is based upon racism rather than fact.

My final question on the subject is for my white biker brothers. Are you willing to justify discrimination against your black brothers now that you are required endure the same? I don't know your answer but mine is HELL NO! I suggest the time has come to treat others as we would like to be treated regardless of skin color. I further suggest the time has come to gather all the biker tribes and unite in a common defense of our rights.

If you would like to learn more about this subject please visit my friends at Rolling Blue Thunder Motorcycle Portal and Black Bike Week Information. They are also working to address this injustice.

You might also like to contact the NAACP and the City of Myrtle Beach and ask them to respect riders of all makes and colors.

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