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Motorcycle Rights should be Fun

Fun is important to leaders, members, press, legislators and their staff. If you and your SMRO are not having fun then you are not reaching your full potential.

Lobbying the statehouse is fun. Recently a scavenger hunt was conducted at the statehouse. New and old members seemed to enjoy playing the game or helping others play. The fun flowed beyond our members to the press covering opening day. Legislators and their staffs were involved as well and infected by the moment.

The fun began before the early morning gathering in the statehouse lobby. The weather gods smiled upon us with warm weather for comfortable ride to the capitol from all parts of our state. The lobby was filled with dozens of bikers by nine o’clock; the media was also present but few others were in the lobby. Bikers lined up to get patches and handouts caught the interest of curious reporters.

Our participating members searched for many items related to lobbying or influencing legislators for unknown prizes. Some of the items of interest included the business cards of key members of the legislature and those of the media covering the event. The purpose of obtaining business cards was multifunctional. One of the purposes was to increase interaction especially of our first time attendees; another purpose was to obtain the contact information every constituent needs. Our members had fun and the legislators and their staffs got to see more constituents. The media was swarmed by bikers early in the day and quickly ran out of cards. This effort seemed to show the media present a broader spectrum of our members and organization.

While everyone was busy walking the halls of legislator offices Reb worked S 1027; our members already know S 1027 allows motorcyclists to treat broken traffic sensors and their red lights as stop signs. I am sure you have all been stuck at a broken signal at least once.

Reb is a great example of what just one dedicated member can do when armed with an idea and the desire to make a difference.

ABATE has recently received a lot of positive press from S 1027 from Savannah to Charlotte. Subscriptions to the ezine and memberships both seem to be spiking. Make an effort to get more of your friends involved. Talk it up at your local biker hangout and help us find some more team members. While you explain all the great reasons to join don’t forget the most important reason named fun. If you doubt the power of fun just look at the speed our largest chapter continues to grow.

Fun can help you gain free press. Forget about buying ads in your local or state papers; make the news instead. Remember no ones likes a boring story including the reporter. Don’t be afraid to be creative and make some biker theater of your own to convey a thought or idea. Remember sacred cows make the best hamburgers.

Watch out for spoilers and never take yourself so serious you become boring and lose the advantageous and contagious edge of fun.

After the work at the state capitol we gathered at the Flying Saucer for lunch and brotherhood. Cathy sewed on the newly earned legislative warrior day patches while others scored the scavenger hunt collections. Many donated prizes were given to all participants; no one went away empty handed.

If you are curious about what the many items of this scavenger hunt were then be sure to attend our next event. If the curiosity has gotten the best of you ask someone who was there or several. Everyone has their own unique experience and take of the event. The only way to really understand the power of fun is to experience it yourself.

FastFred Ruddock
ABATE of SC State Coordinator

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