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Has McMaster Ended Charity Poker Runs?

Will South Carolina Begin Enforcement of the Attorney General’s Ruling?

By FastFred Ruddock

South Carolina State Attorney General Henry McMaster’s ruling against poker runs maybe setting a trend. Recently Texas State Attorney Greg Abbott similarly ruled that a motorcycle poker run was illegal in Texas. These rulings prompt an important question; will organizers of charity poker runs for groups like the Children’s Miracle Network potentially face criminal charges for organizing illegal lotteries?

Another question awaiting an answer is will law enforcement begin enforcement against future poker runs. If so will the enforcement be stiff across the board or will it be discriminatorily applied?

If this has not directly impacted you yet it maybe only a matter of time till this trend affects a poker run in your area or possibly you or your organization. Some bikers who promote poker runs are expressing frustration with comments and disgust.

One frustrated biker told me, “I don't understand we can’t do poker runs to help people while having fun and enjoying fellowship. After all poker runs help needy people with hospital bills, little children with cancer, burn victims, women centers, and more with cash donations.”

Sadly many folks may do nothing more than complain from a barstool. A better option maybe to join your local state ABATE and get involved. Together we can overcome this obstacle. Laws like this are exactly why those involved in charity need to get active in the rights movement. You can no longer say "It doesn't affect me or my group."

Consider this your wake up call, lift up your head and look around. A tiny few have stood valiantly in the breech between freedom and the government’s objective of total control of our lives for too long; consider joining their ranks and helping win the battle.
You may contact State Attorney General Henry McMaster at Rembert Dennis Building 1000 Assembly Street, Room 519, Columbia, S.C. 29201 or

Strike while the iron is hot; mobilize the troops and spread the word to every charity minded biker you know. If you support charity poker runs please consider supporting ABATE so you can continue to participate in future charity poker runs. Don’t just sit on your barstool crying in your beer; rally with your brothers and sisters and take action. Visit to join or just learn more.

Not all laws will affect every one of us to the same extent, but they all effect us to some extent as you can clearly see from this example. It is time to put aside any differences and unite. Gather the tribes into an army to be reckoned with because there are many more of us than they realize. We can toss out the stupid laws and the politicians that wrote them. Bikers are the last hope for America. You can stay alert to this and other pressing issues that may impact your biker lifestyle at by visiting

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