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How to organize a biker friendly lobby day

  1. Recruit early! Make a goal of putting together a group of 10-15 dedicated bikers who would be willing to meet with legislators about motorcycle rights and other liberty issues.
  2. Make an appointment to meet with legislators. Go to ABATE of SC's Legislative Action Center to find the legislators for your district. You will be able to find the contact information for district offices of your legislators using your nine digit zip code. Call the district office and ask to speak with your legislator or staff member. Tell them that you are a constituent/motorcyclist and that your group would like to meet with the Representative/Senator about motorcycle rights or better yet the actual issues/bills of concern to your group.
  3. Prepare your materials. Download lobbying materials and sample letters from the ABATE of SC's Legislative Action Center. Ask friends who cannot attend the lobby day to also write letters to be hand-delivered during your lobby day. Prepare a number of packets to leave with your legislators' staffs. Letters are most effective when hand written always avoid form letters and especially petitions.
  4. Prepare your group. Meet at least once before your lobby visit to go over messaging, speaking order, and to answer any questions. Find tips on how to lobby .

How do I choose which legislator to lobby?

Your group will have a better chance meeting directly with Representatives rather than Senators. For ABATE Chapters that have large numbers of members from multiple districts, choose one or more legislators your group would like to lobby. The more meetings you can set up, the greater your group's lobbying efforts! ABATE of SC's Legislative Coordinator can help you target specific legislators.

What else should I consider?

You may want to approach other motorcycle rights organizations and see if they would like to cosponsor the event with you. This will have the advantage of increasing attendance at the actual event, increasing collaboration among motorcycle rights organizations, and also will provide you with some other leaders who can help you to organize the event!

If possible, involve other motorcyclists or liberty minded groups in the event.

Can I get press coverage?

This is the perfect occasion to notify the local media and let them know what you are doing! They should be very interested in local biker activists visiting Members of Congress on behalf of a national initiative. For your local area, all you have to do is write a press release and send it out to your local media contacts.

Once the lobby visits are over, am I done?

Not just yet. All those taking part in the effort should meet nearby the Capitol and share what they learned; I suggest over a nice meal and a cold beer at a location such as the Mellow Mushroom in Columbia. If possible, have all the participants fill out a feedback survey so you know how each visit went. Was their representative receptive? Will he or she support the bill?

Send a message to the Legislative and State Coordinator detailing your lobby day so they may follow up with those offices.

Next, follow up with a thank you letter to each office. Remind them what the visit was about, and any definite actions that they said they would take.

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