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How to Start an ABATE Chapter

Interest groups like ABATE have three basic features: members join and affiliate voluntarily; members share at least one common characteristic; and they seek to advance in politics the collective interest that comes as a result of that characteristic. The common characteristic of ABATE members is motorcycling. The collective interest that results from our common characteristic includes but is not limited to preserving South Carolina 's current helmet law that allows adult freedom of choice, stiffer right of way laws, and increasing motorcycle awareness among motorists.

The benefits of joining ABATE of South Carolina include: ABATE Government Relations, ABATE of SC Newsletter, Access to ABATE Members Only Area, ABATE Roadside Assistance, Discounts on Motorcycle Parts, Gear and Apparel, and Motorcycle Insurance Discounts. You will also gain access to information from other state and national motorcycle rights organizations.

ABATE Government Relations: Our legislative coordinator and statewide volunteers work diligently in Columbia to protect and defend your right to ride and choose your own safety equipment. Keep your eyes on the Legislative Action Center sections of ABATESC.COM and the ABATE of SC Newsletter for the latest issues affecting South Carolina motorcyclists and what you can do to protect your right to ride.

ABATE of SC Newsletter: Each monthly issue of the ABATE of SC Newsletter details the people, places and events that make up the South Carolina motorcycling experience. Plus, you'll find the most in-depth stories on the legislative issues that affect your right to ride, and the most comprehensive schedule of South Carolina motorcycle events anywhere.

Access to the ABATE Members-Only Area: You get exclusive access to the members' only section of ABATESC.COM. You may join member only email lists where you can share information, sell stuff, learn a few things, get entertained and otherwise kill some time when you're not out riding.

ABATE of SC Roadside Assistance: Now you can enjoy peace of mind (and save a lot of money) on the road while riding OR driving, with ABATE of SC's Voluntary Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Program. Members throughout the state have volunteered to help any stranded brothers or sisters.

ABATE of SC Chapters: Get in touch with fellow riders in one of more than two dozen official ABATE of SC Chapters. To find an ABATE of SC Chapter near you visit

Discounts on Motorcycle Parts, Gear and Apparel: Many motorcycle shops in South Carolina offer discounts to members of ABATE of SC; you must have an ABATE of SC state membership card to qualify. Many shops offer a 15% discount check with your local motorcycle shop for details or the most recent ABATE of SC newsletter. Most insurance companies licensed to provide motorcycle insurance in South Carolina give a discount for having a membership in ABATE of SC.

There are advantages to forming a chapter of ABATE of SC in your county. Your chapter will be listed at ABATESC.COM and in the ABATE of SC Newsletter. Any events your chapter sanctions through ABATE will be listed in the events section of our web site and newsletter. Your chapter can have a voice in ABATE of SC and the election an area coordinator to represent you at the quarterly state meetings. Many members find enjoying fellowship with like minded individuals most rewarding.

To create and maintain a chapter of ABATE of SC in good standing all members of the chapter must be members of ABATE of SC in good standing. The members of a new chapter will need to elect a chapter coordinator, secretary, and treasurer. If you would like to start a chapter of ABATE of SC please make contact.

Interest groups like ABATE, AMA, MRF, and the NRA are about politics, articulating issue positions, and influencing public policy.

FastFred Ruddock
ABATE of SC State Coordinator

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