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1st Annual East Coast Helmet Law Protest!

When: Last Sunday of Myrtle Beach Bike Week (May 20, 2007) and every year...

Location: South of the Border, I-95 and US 301/501 Dillon, SC near the NC Border.

On your way back from Myrtle Beach Bike Week, enjoy a freedom ride with like minded brothers and sisters in protest of mandatory motorcycle helmet laws!

Helmet use is optional and you may wear a helmet in this run if you so desire. The point of this protest is rider choice. We oppose the law not the device.

This ride is not organized or sponsored by any SMROs.

Only clean helmet tickets will help our cause. All motorcycles must be in safe working order with all proper paperwork for rider and machine.

Remember the golden rule: Only break ONE law at a time.

All riders participating should be clean, sober, safe, responsible, and have their paperwork ready for a traffic stop.

Suggested Minimum Age: 21,
Suggested minimum riding experience: 3 years.

Begin lining up at 10:00 AM
Rider briefing at 10:45 AM
Kickstands up at 11:00 AM

Be advised that there are mandatory helmet laws in most of the states north of South Carolina. Please be aware of the likelihood of being pulled over and ticketed. Fighting your ticket in court will help our cause.

Maximum Fine IF STOPPED: Single $100 or Couple $110

Passengers may ONLY be fined $10 and NO COURT COSTS!

See law below:

§ 20‑140.4.  Special provisions for motorcycles and mopeds.

(a)       No person shall operate a motorcycle or moped upon a highway or public vehicular area:

(1)       When the number of persons upon such motorcycle or moped, including the operator, shall exceed the number of persons which it was designed to carry.

(2)       Unless the operator and all passengers thereon wear safety helmets of a type approved by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

(b)       Violation of any provision of this section shall not be considered negligence per se or contributory negligence per se in any civil action.

(c)       Any person convicted of violating this section shall have committed an infraction and shall be fined according to G.S. 20‑135.2A(e) and (f). (1973, c. 1330, s. 6; 1989, c. 711, s. 1.)

§ 20-135.2A(e)       Any driver or front seat passenger who fails to wear a seat belt as required by this section shall have committed an infraction and shall pay a penalty of twenty‑five dollars ($25.00) plus court costs in the sum of seventy‑five dollars ($75.00). Any rear seat occupant of a vehicle who fails to wear a seat belt as required by this section shall have committed an infraction and shall pay a penalty of ten dollars ($10.00) and no court costs. Court costs assessed under this section are for the support of the General Court of Justice and shall be remitted to the State Treasurer. Conviction of an infraction under this section has no other consequence.

§ 20-135.2A (f)        No drivers license points or insurance surcharge shall be assessed on account of violation of this section.

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