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Unconcerned Bikers Association


Last week Fast Fred told me about an organization that is expanding it's membership throughout the southeast United States. They are called the Unconcerned Bikers Association (UBA). The UBA is a group of riders who join MROs but don't actually do anything to help secure our lifestyle and preserve our freedoms. They don't go down to the legislature building to help Sam Nobles lobby. Unlike Iris Hindle, they don't write letters or emails to their legislators. They don't call Cindy Hodges to ask how they can help with the MRF. They don't contact Deb Knox to find out how they can contribute to NC BikePAC, and they don't care to join Charlie's, Randy's, Jan's, or Jim's state level committees because they think it's not their job. These UBA members somehow think that $20 per year covers all the lobbying efforts, newsletter fees, membership fees, and organizational costs of a SMRO.

I tried to think of ways that CBA members can recruit the UBA members into their organization and get them involved at the state level. I tried to think of ways that CBA members can get the UBA members to take an interest in writing letters, lobbying in Raleigh, contributing to BikePAC, and getting involved at the state level.

It takes about ten minutes to put together a short email to a legislator to let them know how they feel about an issue. It takes about five minutes to stick a check in the mail to join NC-BikePAC. It takes about five minutes to join the NC-Bikers email list. I was trying to figure out why more people don't get involved considering it takes so little time to help out?

For the 1400+ members of the CBA who are not on the NC-Bikers email group, NC-Bikers is the main vehicle for communications among North Carolina's motorcycling community. (You can go to and search for the NC-Bikers group to find out how to join).

It all boils down to priorities. If preserving our riding lifestyle is not a priority to us, then we won't act. For those who do get involved and educate themselves on the issues, they will be rewarded by knowing that they are informed people. They will have that satisfaction. What most people find out is that the more we know about the issues that faces us, the more we will want to know. It's a snowball effect. The further we dig into bikers' rights issues, the more we realize how much work there is to do. Most people think they don't have time to be legislatively active. That is just a cop-out. The truth is that most people just don't think it is a priority and therefore blow it off and think someone else will do it for them. Most people put watching sit-coms on TV ahead of fighting for freedoms. If we spent the same amount of time writing legislators as we do watching reality TV, the CBA would be the most powerful grass-roots lobbying force in the country.

Where will our children and grandchildren be when the bill of rights is gone? They will be subjects incapable of making their own decisions. Government will be making the decisions for them. The Sons of Liberty Riders have a saying ...... "Have you looked in the mirror and asked yourself ..... Have I done everything I can to preserve my liberty?"

If you can't give an honest answer to this question, then you may be a member of the Unconcerned Bikers Association.


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