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SC Bikers Still Have Time to Pass Two Bills

By FastFred

The Legislative session is winding down in South Carolina but motorcyclists still have time to pass two bills. One bill would address discriminatory taxation of motorcycles. The other would repeal the arbitrary handlebar height law generally enforced in a discriminatory manner; many police motorcycles in South Carolina are in violation of the current 15” limit. Action on your part today may save you hundreds of dollars this year and more in future years.

Motorcycle personal property tax is a sore issue with many aware bikers. Currently motorcycles are taxed at 10.5% of the bluebook value while cars are taxed only 6%. Additionally cars are not taxed at the full bluebook value but rather at the lowest loan a bank would give. The result is luxury cars are taxed at less than half the rate of our motorcycles. Many bikers use their bikes for daily transportation and as gas prices increase more will join us. Due to the tax classification of motorcycles most counties also refuse to give high mileage exemptions. You can do something to correct these problems by simply contacting your state senator and representative and asking them to support S261 and H4307.

The handlebar bill has passed the senate and currently resides in the house. You may help pass this bill by contacting your state representative today; ask your state representative to support S772. Ask for prompt action on this bill; all bills not passed by the close of this legislative session in June will die.

You may determine who your state senator and representative by looking at your voter registration card. Additionally ABATE of SC has a useful page for finding legislative information such as your elected officials. The SC State House also has a useful search engine. If you are not yet registered to vote please do so now; visit the State Election Commission.

Prior to writing this article I again took the time to contact my senator and representative again on these subjects. Now I am asking you to please take the time to make a difference today. Should these bills fail to pass it will only be for lack of effort on the part of South Carolina bikers. I know the members of ABATE of SC will take action and answer the call for action today.

If your motorcycle is less than 16 years old S261 and H4307 can save you hundreds of dollars each year! Spread the word and help the motorcyclists of SC rock the statehouse.

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