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Governor Sanford and HD Dealers Kill Bikers

Written by FastFred Ruddock, September 21, 2006

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety held 5 press conferences across our state today. They are screaming to the masses about the increasing trend of motorcycle deaths. They are especially concerned about the 35 to 45 year group of riders buying bikes with no experience and getting killed and the fact most of them did not wear helmets. I am personally disgusted that the media is not telling the whole story: the motorcycle death toll has been climbing ever since Governor Sanford cut funding to SC Riders Ed.

However as I told the Greenville news the real killer is lack or training and experience rather than lack of helmet usage. A helmet does as much good against a SUV as a raincoat in the middle of a lake does against drowning. 70% of crashes are from the front and likely head-on where speeds will greatly exceeded the ability of a helmet to reduce impact to a level one might survive. However with the increasing height of bumpers on SUVs it is likely the major internal organs will be destroyed and it will not matter if the head suffers trauma.

Most if not all of these press conferences were held at the very Harley-Davidson Dealerships which sold the bikes to the unqualified, inexperienced, and untrained riders for whom they now morn with alligator tears.

SCDPS choose to hold the Greenville Press Conference at the local Harley-Davidson Shop. I expect Riders Edge is one of the groups the governor wishes to have SCDPS partner with in the so called name of motorcycle safety. SCDPS claims to be partnering with motorcycle groups. I wonder why they left us out? Could it be we are not bribing enough public officials? I suggest it has nothing to do with motorcycle safety and everything to do with money. Money paid in legal bribes to Sanford and others to rape SC Rider Ed in hopes to replace it with private programs like Riders Edge. I further contend that Riders Edge is a for profit sales program wearing the sheep clothing of a training course. I suggest this course is more likely to increase the sales of large powerful motorcycles to inexperienced riders than create safer riders. I am sure they will sell their HD helmets and leather but I doubt plastic and leather will replace serious riding skills.

I suggest now is the time for us to put forth our own press releases and press conferences about motorcycle safety. Let us not be tricked into focusing on the device but rather increasing training beyond rather limited nine locations in a state with 46 counties. Let us not allow rider training to be taken over by the same FOOLS (dealers) who are selling large bikes to untrained and inexperienced 35 to 45 year new "riders."

It seems we need to write intelligent letters to the editors of newspapers across our state. We do NOT need letters that wade into the chosen battlefields of our opponents. I suggest we focus on adequate training. PLEASE remember its the LAW not the DEVICE we oppose.

Figures don't lie but liars can figure AND our opponents have been figuring a long time.

A real fight is headed our way this legislative session; please do all you can to recruit other bikers to our organization so together we can defend our rights and interests!

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