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Upstate and WNC Weekend Lidless Tour
July 28-30, 2006

Photos and Article by FastFred

This trip began with a wet ride to Columbia where I met with Bad Bob to attend to some dry administrative work for ABATE. While I was in Columbia I dropped by Bobbys to check on the Helmet Rally plans; all information available points to a great rally this year. Make plans now to be in Columbia on Sunday October 8th.

Map of Carolinas showing FF's motorcycle trip on July 28-30, 2006
Map of the 732 miles of helmet free riding in the Carolinas

When I resumed my trip to Western North Carolina I encountered sever weather in the Newberry area. Many trees blocked the east bound lanes of I-26 and damaged guard rails. Firemen were on the scene clearing the road while police rerouted traffic. The ride to WNC was nasty at times but the wet trip was worth it for the scenic beauty and cooler weather in the mountains.

High Shoals Falls in SOuth Mountains State Park
High Shoals Falls and South Mountains State Park Photos

Saturday morning I rose early in a "secret" location near Saluda, North Carolina. The weather report on TV gave me reason to get moving quickly. While gassing up in Saluda a local biker asked me if I had a helmet; I just smiled and explained I was aware of helmet law in North Carolina. I rode towards South Mountains State Park to visit the High Shoals Falls. I took a fast hike to the falls in light rain; I was concerned about beating the hard rain in order to get good photos of this waterfall. The photos look good although light rain was falling.

Riders Roost along the Elk Creek in WNC
Buncombe County CBA Gathering at Riders Roost Photos

Due to bad weather I bypassed two other waterfalls I had planned to visit and photograph. I rode on towards Wilkesboro and RIders Roost. I passed through several towns including Morganton and Lenoir; I saw an unusually high number of state troopers in the area around Morganton. NC268 has some interesting historical sites between Lenoir and Elk Creek; I plan to visit this area again.

Riders Roost is a very nice place. The first person I met upon arrival was Uncle Roy; Roy made me feel more like a long lost friend than a customer. The prices at Riders Roost are very kind and only motorcyclists are welcomed. Sorry RV 'ers but you need to ride to this campground; there is limited parking for those who "need" chase trucks. I had a large time hanging out with my friends in Buncombe County CBA. I meet some new friends from other CBA chapters that were also in attendance. I took some nice pictures of Riders Roost and my CBA friends.

ABATE of SC members at the Greenville chapter meeting July 30, 2006
ABATE of SC Greenville Chapter Meeting Photos

Sunday morning seem to come to soon but Larry and Tammy round us all up to go eat breakfast at a nice Horse Resort and Restaurant. The company was the finest and the food was great and cheaper than expected. Once back to camp I had to quickly stow away my tent and begin my three hour trip to the ABATE of SC Greenville chapter meeting. Due to a wreck and traffic jam on I-85 I was a little late but no one seemed to mind.

During this motorcycle trip I had an enjoyable ride and passed more than a few State Troopers, County and City Police officers in North Carolina. Most never gave me a second look as I rode by without a ticket; none made any effort to stop and ticket me for not wearing a helmet. If you would like to join in the fun and tour WNC without a lid while taking in some of the sights along the way make contact me; lodging will proved free of charge to those who dare to ride free.

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