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Undefended Liberty will Cease to Exist
by FastFred

Anyone reading the paper or watching the news should be well aware that our civil liberties and under attack. Big brother is steadily growing while our elected officials steadily weaken our constitutional protections. ABATE is fighting to defend your rights but we need your help.

Starting Friday December 9th, police officers in South Carolina can pull you over to write you a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. However the new law specifically bans police from setting up seat-belt checkpoints or writing tickets for seat-belt violations at other public safety checkpoints, such as license or sobriety checks. Take action if an officer violates the law by wrongfully issuing you a ticket. Contact ABATE from more information or visit

We cannot reasonably expect our elected officials and legislators to read all 2260 bills have been introduced thus far in our current legislative session. Our legislators do not have time to read all of these bills; they rely on citizen lobbyists and paid lobbyists for information about the bills. If you do not contact your legislators then they will rely upon paid lobbyists to make up their minds. Paid lobbyists do not care about liberty or your interests; paid lobbyists only care about their own bank accounts.

The current South Carolina Legislative Session 116 will end in June 2006. However the session is far from over. There are currently nine bills that may impact your motorcycle taxes. Three of the bills may help reduce taxes on your bike while six others would further increase taxes on your bike. Bills impacting motorcycle taxes include H 4261, S 69, S 262, S 484, S 485, H 3583, H 3664, H 3693, and H 4011. Three additional bills address discrimination of motorcyclists and include S 772, H 3049, and H 3146. Proper carry of a loaded handgun on a motorcycle is cover by H 3110. Three bills written to combat youth gangs are targeting motorcyclists and include S79, S 265, and H 3119. Finally S 213 may benefit off-road riders.

Make plans now to attend our opening legislative warrior day at the Statehouse. The fun begins Tuesday January 10, 2005 9 AM. The Statehouse in Columbia is located at Gervais St and Assembly St. Meet early in the South Carolina Statehouse under the dome at John C, Calhoun's statue. Our legislative coordinator and state coordinator will be present to answer questions and look up voter registration information online. Experienced legislative warriors will also be present to act as tour guides and help you find legislative offices.

Things to bring with you include your voter registration card and letters for your State Senator and Representative, Governor, and Lt. Governor. Things to leave at home or in your car or saddlebags include knives and other items forbidden in public buildings.

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