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Weekend WNC Ride

Photos and article by FastFred Ruddock, July 6-8, 2007

Early this week I learned I needed a lot of warranty work on my bike. Not really but the poor stocking of parts required what would turn out to be three weeks of waiting. Fortunately my warranty covered most of the shop bike rental. I was able to meet with my Bunbcombe CBA pals for dinner Friday night and a little riding and one great beer. However I forgot my phone.

Saturday was expected to be a slow enjoyable day on the river. However I had to ride to Hendersonville for some needed provisions. Upon my return a North Carolina State Trooper decided to cite me for what he thinks is a dress code violation. Seems like being in High School again with a hall monitor telling on you because of a clothing item which hat to wear or not. More on this subject after I see the principal oops I meant go to court.

Sunday I rode to the local ABATE meeting in Inman near Lake Bowen. This meeting was well attended by many ABATE members despite being only the second meeting. All but three members were NWSC chapter members. Since the meeting this chapter continues to grow steady rate and has already exceeded the size of several older chapters. This crew is going to shake things up.

Hwy 70 near Black Mountain

The Root Bar & Root Ball?

Enjoying fine beer with friends

Another NC Helmet Ticket

Cliff and Missy

In Memory of Sleepy

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