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Motorcycle Tour of Nantahala, Dillsboro, and Asheville.

This week's ride covered over 850 miles in three days.

Article and photos by FastFred Ruddock

Riding from NOC's campus I followed the Nantahala River upstream. I saw a few of my pals at Ferebee Park during a brief stop. Afterwards continued upstream to the Nantahala Cascades; along the way I passed several motorcyclists and a couple I knew. The cascades include several significant drops but a few are hard to photograph. I took another brief break at Nantahala lake before taking a scenic ride to Dillsboro. I enjoyed a great buffalo burger at Dillsboro just a block away from their lowhead dam slated for removal.

Pizza on the Nanty with a view

Playboat Tim

Tim aka Riveraholic

Ferebee Park

Tim and Lee at Ferebee Park

No Beer at Ferebee Park

Nantahala Cascades

Nantahala Cascades

Nantahala Lake

Dillsboro's lowhead dam on Tuck

Free Popcorn Sutton at Dirty Jack's

Mark Lyons

Asheville Brews Cruise

Live music at Brusin' Ales

Brusin' Ales Crew

Live music at Brusin' Ales

Next I rode to Dirty Jack's in downtown Asheville on Buxton Avenue. I enjoyed sipping the belgian abbey while I visited Dirty Jack's. Next I visited the Frend Broad Brewing Company near Biltmore; they have many great brews including Wee Heavy-er. While visiting the Frend Broad Brewing Company my good friend Mark Lyons of the Asheville Brews Cruise brought a group to tour the brewery. Finally my last stop in Asheville was Bruisin Ales as specialty beer store owned by Jason and Julie. This trip I noticed Brusin' Ales had live music in addtion to a selection of beer than cannot be beat.

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