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Upstate SC and WNC Biker Rights Trip

Photos and article by FastFred Ruddock

The ride up to the hills Friday evening was rather cool under the clear skies. However traffic problems were encountered near Columbia. I stopped in Columbia for a meal as it was apparent I’d miss the 7:30 pm gathering for a meal with members of Buncombe County CBA. Later I spent Friday evening in the cove working on my court case opposing the NC helmet law. Saturday morning began at day break and I resumed working on my defense packet. I took a brief break to cook and wash before heading to Lake Lure looking for potential ABATE members from Spartanburg and other upstate locations.

The start of a cold wet day ...

The ride to Lake Lure was cool but pleasant under blue skies. Several bikers from South Carolina were gathering at the Margaritagrille as I arrived a noon. I made small talk with some of the bikers and distributed newsletters to interested parties. Next I rode up to Heavenly Hoggs and although the shop was closed for the week I added a few new newsletters to the news stand out front before going across the street to Colorado Embroidery Works and visitng owner Dave Roche. Dave is planning to visit the Hot Springs Motorcycle Weekend and other small local motorcycle rallies. Whether you see him in Lake Lure or at a rally take a look at custom patches he can make on site.

After making these three stops to promote ABATE I needed to find a hotspot to check my work email. I followed 74-A to Asheville enjoying the nice weather and scenic views. I did not encounter many motorcycles as one would have expected. After 74-A became I-240 I took exit 5A and traveled a few miles on US 25 to Asheville Brewing Company and Pizza. They had a nice buffet and ample outlets for laptops at every booth. I checked email and made some quick updates to websites as required. After work was done I enjoyed a couple of cold local brews on special.

Following my work, meal, and beer break I traveled back toward Hendersonville on US 25 and the first ever CBA Western District Meeting. The Masonic Lodge that hosted the meeting provided a fine meal for all the CBA members present. Larry conducted the meeting in James’ absence. Bikers from across Western North Carolina were in attendance at this ground breaking meeting. Roger rode to the meeting without a helmet as normal. After the meeting Roger and I rode our bikes back up US 25 through downtown Asheville and took Patton Ave back out of town to a local watering hole near Roger’s home. We passed a few law enforcement officers but none seemed to take notice or care Roger was riding lidless.

I had a few more cold ones with some of my CBA pals before riding 40 miles back to the cove to continue work on my defense package. Sunday I woke to the sound of rain on a cold morning. While doing a few normal chores I managed to find more time to work on the court case before leaving. Prior to attending the Greenville chapter of ABATE of SC meeting I visited Lake Bowen to distribute a few more newsletters and touch base with locals in a few popular biker hangouts. By the time I reached Greenville I getting pretty wet and cold. However the meeting was worth the wet ride.

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