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Paddling Nantahala Falls

In addition to riding my motorcycle 700 miles or more a week I have also been paddling a creek boat over the winter. During the weekend of May 16-18, 2008 my friend Rick gave me a ride to Wesser, NC from the cove for a Carolina Canoe Club Clinic. My instructors were Lisa and John Z; I learned a few new tricks in addition to what I had learned at an earlier NOC clinic during March. ~FF

Paddling Nantahala Falls After Day Two of CCC Clinic

Paddling Can Be Awesome Fun

P = Posture - proper posture improves control and power while paddling.
C = Cube - keeping your elbows in front of your shoulders prevents injury.
B = Balance - good balance keeps you upright and in control.
A = Anchor - move the boat in the water not the paddle.
F = Focus - look where you want to be not at the object or hazard you wish to avoid.

AMT - Angle Momentum Tilt - During eddy turns and peel outs proper angle momentum and tilt make all the difference.

Paddling Nantahala Falls After Day One of CCC Clinic


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