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Riding WNC during the Drought: Polk, Henderson, and Buncombe County

August 16, 2008

Making the best of a dry weekend with no water even in the green I rode my bike to see some sights. First I visited an old graveyard at Friendship Baptist near Saluda; I visited the graves of a few of friends from my childhood. After paying my respects I took a scenic ride to Asheville and the Wedge Brewery. Wedge Brewing Company claims to have a website maintained by an investors kid; apparently they are getting what they pay for as I cannot locate their website thus no link is provided here. Prior to Hendersonville's Bike Night I visited my favorite brewery for a growler of beer. I won the trophy for the most miles on a bike (141,181 miles) for a second time at Hendersonville's Bike Night. I'd like to see some competition so please ride you bike to the next Bike Night on Main Street in Late September.


Friendship Graveyard

Pioneer graves

Peter Guise

Oldest graves on a ridge

Looking from the ridge back...

Wilkie Bradley

Moses Bradley


Wedge Artwork

Wedge Fence

Wedge Brewing Company

Hendersonville Bike Night

Speed Junior's Starter Bike?
Dale of Wheels Through Time

One of Evel Knievel's Bikes

... from Wheels Through Time

NC Boltsters

Live Music at Bike Night

Wheels Through Time at Bike Night

My dirty 2003 FLHT with 141,181 miles and counting.

Columbia Pit Stop ...

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