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Big Bradley Water Fall Spring 2007

Photos and article by FastFred Ruddock

This ride was interesting. I took a ride to Lake Lure to drop off some new ABATE newsletters but along the way a local cop pulled me at the lake. He asked me why I thought I had been stopped. My answer of course was no. He then told me I had to wear a helmet in North Carolina to which I replied I was wearing a safety helmet. He told me "you know that will not get it." I responded by turning my head so he might see the DOT patch. He then went in to a long line of dialog and questions. However I made like "tar baby" and retained my 5th amendment rights and remained silent. Apparently his goal was to trick me into saying either I knew there was a helmet law or that my chosen safety helmet did not comply with law.

Finally he took all my paperwork and went back the patrol car with plenty of pep in his step. Oddly his facial expression changed quickly after he sat down and entered my data into the computer. It appeared to me he slung the door open and came back rather quickly. He then informed me he knew that I knew I had to wear a helmet in North Carolina but he would not issue a ticket but rather a stern verbal warning. I wonder if he was referring to my prior helmet ticket conviction or some other database?

log barn

log cabin

Lamb's ear

Small waterfall below big bradley

big bradley

big bradley

big bradley

big bradley

big bradley

big bradley

Snow on motorcycle in April

I spent the next day hiking the long way to Big Bradley and traveling a path less taken. I came across a few other fellows that were fishing well of the beaten path. I did not encounter anyone else along my hike. The next morning was even colder and snow fell on my motorcycle and the grass. The ride to the ABATE BOD meeting was more than brisk but it was enjoyable. I would have liked to stay and see the results of the opening day of trout season.

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