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Winter Warmer Beer Fest, Cowpens Battlefield, and Frosty Rides

Photos and article by FastFred Ruddock, January 19-21, 2008

Neither snow nor sleet nor dark of night stop my ride for adventure. Riding in sever weather does not have to be uncomfortable if you have the right gear and skill. However riding in snow and ice is not for the meek of heart or novice rider. My excuse for this trip was a ticket to the first ever Winter Warmer Asheville Beer Fest, the battle of Cowpens anniversary, and the desire to play in the river.

Downtown Asheville

Winter Warmer

Pisgah Brewing

Drew and Mark

The Garage

Highland Brewing

Mark pouring for Green Man?

Jason of Brusin' Ales

Green Man Brewing

French Broad Brewing Backstage
After having way too much fun at the Winter Warmer Asheville Beer Fest I missed the private party at the Thirsty Monk and stayed at the French Broad River Brewery. I drank even more at the brewery but Drew, Mark, and Trish made sure I had a safe ride back to my room a half mile away. Sunday morning I headed out in the cold for the Cowpens Battlefield. While the sir was cold my heart was warm. I was rewarded for my effort with a walking tour of the battlefield conducted by Morgan and Tarleton.

Heading from Asheville to Cowpens near noon and 17 degrees

"Tarleton" leads tour at Cowpens

"Daniel Morgan" rebuts "Tarleton"

Walking tour

Dargoons drill

Medicine cabinet

More period props

Tarleton's guns

Two more brave riders
The final day of my three day vacation in WNC was spent kayaking on the Green River. Much like motorcycling having the right gear can make all the difference. The water was much warmer than the air. Oddly enough I had the river all to myself other than two fishermen along the bank. The day warmed from 15 degrees to 20 degrees during my adventure on the river.

Back in WNC

Leaving to kayak
15 degrees

Returning from kayaking
20 degrees

If you wonder how I can ride in comfort in this weather stay tuned for an upcoming article/product review of cold weather gear.

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