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WNC Architectural Sights:

Asheville City Hall, Buncombe Courthouse, 176 Green River Bridge, and Summit Lake Dam

Photos and article by FastFred Ruddock

A pleasant ride to Asheville to run errands and photograph a few buildings leads to leaky dam. After shooting photos of the city hall and courthouse I stopped by French Broad Brewing for another half-gallon of their fine Oktoberfest Lager. A quick ride to the frig and then a ride through Saluda lead to the old US 176 bridge across the Green River. While visiting the bridge I noticed a well beaten path that lead me to Lake Summit and the dam. I was amazed how much the old concrete dam leaked. The lake is about two feet below the spillway and currently only allows water used for electrical generation back into the Green River over a mile down stream at the powerhouse. The section of river between is called the Dries.

Asheville City Hall

Buncombe County Courthouse

FastFred in Asheville wearing Lid

Asheville City Hall

Asheville City Hall and Mountains

County Courthouse

City Hall and Park

Buncombe Courthouse and Jail

Asheville City Hall and Mountains
Former site of Confederat Armory

Confederate Monument

Path to Summit Lake from 176

Lake Summit

Lake Summit

Leaking Summit Lake Dam

Leaky Summit Lake Dam

Leak in Summit Dam

Water below spillway of Summit Dam

Gushing leak in Summit Lake Dam

Old 176 Green River Dries Bridge

Wooden pipe to powerhouse

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